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Return of the Ribeye



Lower body

  1. Bulg Ss with 3 sec iso hold in bottom
    Worked to top set of 70kg x5 each leg
  2. Giant set with two 24kg kettle bells
    Double swings 4x12
    Shrugs 4x20
    Rows 4x20
  3. 1 set of Max reps 1&1/2 Goblet Squats with 30% bodyweight. I got 20 reps but I feel like I bitched out. Two more weeks to crush that record.
  4. Barbell roll-outs 4x10

With lower carbs I’ve actually been making an effort to increase my fat intake and as such I haven’t felt shit yet which is good. Made some little maccadamia, cacao and coconut fat bombs which work wonders when the sugar cravings hit a little


Did the mothers day classic today, gentle 5km for breast cancer awareness, no real pace just a good run.
There was a health stand doing bio scans for free which was cool
Got one done and my bio age was 26, which was pretty cool, 40kg of skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage of 8.1% and a BMI of 24.5 haha
I don’t know how accurate the bioscans are but pretty cool to get one done, especially for free


That’s pretty awesome mate. I think the results were maybe a little flattering but cool nonetheless! How old are you btw?


Yeah I suspect more like true 10% but it’s nice to believe :joy:
I’m 30 years old since Feb


I’d also just drank a lot of water which always helps conduction leading to a lower reading

  1. Foam press worked to 115x4
    Back off set 100x8
  2. Seated db press 3x10 and then 50 total reps with 15kg
  3. Diesel mass back Attack 3 rounds
  4. Tricep pushdown 100 total reps


Fat sources of choice
Olive or coconut oil in and on cooking
Coconut oil + macadamia oil in coffee
Macadamia nut oil in protein shakes is the fkn bomb.
I see what keto heads mean about constant energy. I haven’t felt that post lunch crash in a few days now, not since I’ve upper my fats well over 100g

  1. Block pulls top set 185kg for 5
    Back off set of 165kg for 8
  2. Giant set
    Rdls 3x12 at 110kg
    Bulgarian ss with kbs 16kg 3x10
    Chins 3x12
  3. Super set
    Face pulls with external rotation 4x20
    Hanging leg raise 4x12
  4. Calf raises… Many…


Body looks very flat today
Might do a moderate carb up tonight and see how I look tomorrow, energy is fine though
Keto vego isn’t too bad, takes a bit of planning but thankfully I love coconut oil and macadamia oil. I’ll also keep adding Mac oil to my shakes for extra calories when I’m not so concerned about being shredded


Iso focus upper

  1. Db press 3 sec iso
    Top two sets of 5x40kg dbs the a drop set of 30 no pause with 20kg dbs
  2. Superset
    D Handle lat pull downs 4x12 Max iso hold on last rep each set
    Cable face pulls 4x20-30
  3. Superset
    Chest Supported Tbar 5x20
    5 sec lower pushups 5x10
  4. Curl Challenge, 30% bw 50 reps, done in three sets
  5. Did some seated calves and extra medial Delt Massacre rounds
    I think the mini carb up went well


  1. Bulgarian split squats 3sec iso hold
    Top set of 4 with 85kg which is a PR. The pause really brings yhe hamstrings into it for me which is awesome.
  2. Giant set
    Dbl kb swings 4x12
    Dbl kb shrugs 4x20
    Dbl kb row 4x15
  3. Max reps 1&1/2 Goblet squat with 30%bw
    Bumped up to 18 reps today, still want to break 20 reps. The half rep is a mind fuck
  4. Ab wheel 4x10
  5. Calves


I’m getting really fkn excited to hit some heavy squats again. I’ve never done low rep heavy isolateral work and I just feel more stable… But we’ll see


Didn’t sleep Sunday night, was awful, no idea why. Went to bed early monday night and worker out this morning instead

  1. Foam press top set 120x3
    Back off set 105x8
  2. Seated db press top set 25x10
    Then 50 reps for time with 17.5
  3. Back Attack 3 rounds
  4. Tricep pushdown 130 reps total

  1. Block pulls
    Top set 190x3 and back off 160x8
  2. Giant set
    RDL 110x12
    BSS W kbs 16x10
    Chins x15
    3 rounds
  3. Superset face pulls and hanging leg raises 4x20 & 10 respectively



  1. Db press 3 sec iso
    Top set of 4 with 45kg dbs and a drop set of 14 with 30kg dbs without pause.
  2. Wide grip d handle pull downs 4x12 with max time iso holds on last rep SUPERSET with face pulls 4x30
  3. Superset
    Chest supported row 5x15 W 40kg
    Wide grip pushups 5 sec descent 5x12
  4. Bicep curl challenge, 50 reps in two sets this time with 25kg. (increasing carbs has helped)
  5. Calves


I can see the thickness increase and my weight is up. Time to really push the amount of food I eat moving forward

  1. Bulgarian split squats, iso hold in bottom
    Top set 3x100kg (full disclosure, only paused on the first rep properly)
  2. Giant set x4
    Kb swings
    Kb rows
    Kb shrugs
  3. 1&1/2 Goblet Squats W 25kg, pushed it out to 25 reps today which felt like I was gonna die
  4. Ab wheel 4x10


Still impressive man.


Thanks brother I appreciate that