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Return of the Muskrat


Me too.

I thought that was a standard salad/cereal bowl?


Haha well then scratch that. I was just trying to find a way to describe a really big bowl :joy:

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9 March 2019

A. Upper Warm-Up

B. Bench Press: 45x30, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 205x3

C1. Chest Press: 100
C2. Lateral Raise: 100
C3. Tricep Pushdown: 100
C4. Cable Chest Fly: 100 (damn this was great)

D. Exercise Bike: 15 minutes


Some update photos after carbing up for a few days (weight was 178.5 this morning, so not too bad after all the fuckin food I’ve been eating):


last two sessions looked solid!!! and looking pretty lean in the photos!!

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Looking good Rat :slight_smile:

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@bigpappafrance @mortdk

Thanks y’all


Now this is what I call a salad.

Spinach, kale, bell pepper, broccoli, nutritional yeast flakes, chickpeas, mushroom, raisins, cucumber, walnuts, almonds, tomatoes

Topped with homemade honey mustard

The smaller bowl is my brother’s cause he can’t stomach a King’s Salad


Looking really solid man! Your back especially is nice and wide. Great progress

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Looking lean and mean man. Damn there are some solid looking lean guys around here. This old man needs to up his game.

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@jackolee thanks jack. I’m going to try to keep losing some of the love handle fat to get my v taper to show a little more. Hope you are feeling good and ready to rock that contest

@simo74 thanks Simo, I appreciate it. Don’t discount yourself. You’re stronger than me, so you probably have at least as much muscle once you cut off the fat. Plus, I definitely wouldn’t call you an old man haha


Looking solid, looking good (except for the Tennessee hat…). Tennessee’s color and logo are just a poor attempt to copy Texas’.

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Haha I’m actually an Alabama fan (cause I go to school there). However, my home is in Tennessee, so I have to blend in with all of the UT fans. I kid you not, when I put an Alabama sticker on my car, all of my tires got slashed within a week

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10 March 2019

Elliptical: 30 minutes


11 March 2019

A. Treadmill Walk: 5 minutes

B1. Hip Thrust: 135x2x20, 185x20
B2. Inverted Row: 3x20

C1. Zercher Squat: 55x10, 135x2x10
C2. Feet-Elevated Push-Up: 3x20

D. RDL: 95x3x20

E. Glute & Ab Stuff

Did my mom’s glute program today. She bought Bret Contreras’s book (the glute guy lol) and is doing his program. My glutes are pretty damn tired even though I worked with relatively light weights.

Hope y’all have a good Monday


Bloody hell matey looking awesome in them shots! I’ve only been absent for a few days WTF lol You must have rubbed a genies lamp and wished for insane progress. In truth a lot of hard work and dieting is paying off … nice one bud


Haha dude thanks so much. I’m taking a diet break this week while I’m home but will get back at it next week (with a freshly stoked metabolism)

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Wee break might do you good bud … keep killing it looking awesome!

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Thanks my man. You keep working hard as well. Have a good one bro

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13 March 2019

Chin-Ups: 100
Lunges: 100 per side
Deficit Push-Ups: 100