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Return of the Muskrat


This doesn’t match this:


Haha I at least had to get a bit of a sweat going. Battle ropes are fucking great for my shoulders. My left shoulder was feeling tweaked so I tried to do a bit of rehab


1 March 2019

Max-Effort Lower

A. Deficit Deadlift (3 inches): 45x20, 135x3, 185x3, 235x3, 255x3, 275x3, 295x3

B. Sled Pull: 1 x 40 yards with 245 lbs, 2 x 20 yards with 335 lbs

C1. GHR (hamstrings): 2x10
C2. GHR (glutes): 2x10

D. Standing Ab Roller Negatives: 15 reps

Video of the 295x3:


Are you deadlifting in your squat shoes?
EDIT nice pull Rat

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Yessiree my tennis shoes feel really unstable. Thanks Mort


try deadlift in socks or barefooted it’s a game changer .

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1 March 2019 (diet)

I’m going to start keeping track of my nutrition in my log along with the workouts.

Protein powder

Protein powder

Tofu scramble with avocado, peppers, tomato, and broccoli
Oats with flaxseed, chia seeds, and raspberries

Black beans
Spinach salad with carrots and raspberry vinegar

Calories: 2,047
Protein: 180
Carbs: 256
Fat: 39
Fiber: 94
Sugar: 30


2 March 2019


A1. Internal Cable Rotation: 3x20
A2. External Cable Rotation: 3x20

B. Shoulder Circles: 200 reps

C. Partial ROM Lateral Raise: 2x100

D. Rear Raise (5 to 30 with dropset at 5): 50,20,20,15,10,10,30

E. Lateral Raise: 2x50

F. Standing Press: 20x30, 25x30, 30x30

My left shoulder is still feeling tweaked, so I decided to take it lighter today


Watched your deadlift video above, pretty solid lift bud

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Thanks Rizla I appreciate it. After I increase my calories again I’m going to try to get those main lifts up to reasonable levels haha. As a wise man once said, you can’t ride two horses with one ass

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The calories certainly make a difference, that’s for sure. I take it you are pushing to lower bodyfat first?


Yep here’s my general plan:

Fat Loss (8 lbs, 6-8 weeks)
178 bodyweight (current) -> 170

Refeed, slowly bring calories closer to maintenance while working on weakpoints (1-3 weeks)
170 -> 172-175

Fat Loss, down to whatever bodyfat is necessary to get shredded (2 weeks)
172-175 -> 170 or less

Prep Week (1 week)
170 or less -> not sure

Does this look okay to you?

For example, should I even have a refeed a month out? How should I structure the last week? I’m trying to research methods on how to get shredded, but I’m running into the same sort of trouble I did when I first got into strength training: there is a lot of conflicting information online, and it’s really hard to decide what to do


Looks a solid plan. are you continuing to reduce your calories or using cardio to burn the excess? I wouldn’t have the refeed a month out, unless you mean the carbing up phase. I’m sure @jackolee could add in his opinion. He is close to entering that Prep week and the best man to answer your questions. I agree, the information out there confuses you, so much bullshit lol . Just to clarify is this for a competition ? or the t-transformation 2019?


This is for the T-ransformation 2019. Ok I’m going to tag @jackolee and see if he can offer advice.

And to answer your question, I haven’t been adding in any extra cardio. I usually do a very small amount (approximately 10 minutes) after some of my workouts, but so far I’ve not added any in. That might actually be a good trump card that I could add in later.

I think I’ll drop the refeed and continue the cutting phase up to the last week. Looking at it again, I definitely agree that I doesn’t make much sense.

By the way, thanks so much for reading and offering your help. I really appreciate it

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Yeah the refeed doesn’t make sense. If you are seriously dragging ass and feeling depleted then doa refeed for one day to help shock your system and reset your cortisol and leptin levels. Some say this doesn’t work, but regardless a day of higher carbs will give you a mental boost. I’d just stay the course eating clean and sticking to something like 45% p 35% c 20% fat. If you wanted to be aggressive you could take fat down to 15%. As long as your making progress just stay diligent. If you slow or stoop loosing adjust carbs or increase cardio. Since your not doing much cardio this seems like the easier of the two options. Hopefully that helps.

As for the last week I’ve read different approaches and think I’ve changed my mind on my approach. I’m going to go super low carb for 4-5 days leading up to competition. On those fats I’ll be drinking 3-4 gallons of water each day. This should put the body into a flushing mode. On Friday I’ll eat around 50-75 grams of carbs with each of my 6 meals. This will top off my glycogen stores. In doing so my muscles will pull a lot of water. I will simultaneously reduce water volume to like 1/2 gallon. Brain should still be in flushing mode. The goal is that your kidneys are flushing water while your muscles are pulling water. The result is the most full/dry physique you can achieve. That’s the goal anyway!

Have a good one bro


Dude that’s awesome advice. I really appreciate it. I’m going to follow this to the letter. Thank you for taking the time to write all of that


2 March 2019 (diet)

Protein powder
Tofu scramble with peppers, tomato, and broccoli

Protein powder
Oats with flaxseed, chia seeds, cashews, and raspberries

Protein powder

Tofu scramble with peppers and broccoli

Calories: 1,995
Protein: 190
Carbs: 217
Fat: 48
Fiber: 86
Sugar: 33

Made dinner for my madlad friends (mine’s the one with no rice lol)


Have you read this?

@jackolee, this sounds familiar to your approach. I once asked around here to see if this was a good way to go about it and most people were against it. Do your experienced friends recommend this approach?


Were you meaning to post a link to an article?


Yes… Dammit.

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