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Return of the Muskrat


Two pizzas and that’s all? Damn, I’ve been getting cheated (or those are really small pizzas). The stuff I get is like 300-400 calories per SLICE. If I could smash two of them then I’d be eating around 4800 calories. I guess that could be the difference between an artisan style pizza (like yours) and the chains we have like Pizza Hut.


Yea I didn’t get any cheese or meat so that probably lowered the cals a good bit


14 February 2019

Repetition Upper

Incline Treadmill Walk: 5 minutes
Shoulder and Bicep Warm-Up

A. Flat DB Bench: 80x6, 70x9, 60x14
(2 minutes between sets)

B1: Chin-Ups: 3x12
B2. Face Pulls: 45x3x12
(2 minutes between supersets)

C1. Full ROM Front Raise: 3x10
C2. Full ROM Paused Lateral Raise: 3x10
C3. Seated DB Clean & Press: 3x10
(2 minutes rest between supersets)

D1. Paused DB Shrug: 3x10
D2. DB Curl: 3x10
(2 minutes rest between supersets)

E. Burpees: 4 minutes

Not sure why I’m so weak with dumbbell bench compared to barbell bench. Maybe my chest is weak compared to my triceps? Doesn’t really matter why I guess. I just know I suck at them and need to get better.

I weighed 184 in the gym today. That’s after drinking around half a gallon and eating a Fatass Classic Breakfast

P.S. it wasn’t actually a Fatass Classic. It was a pea protein shake and tofu with red bell pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, half an avocado, and a slice of raisin oat wheat bread. It was filling though


I didn’t know pizza came without cheese… but that would make a big difference.


Never mind. It’s not really pizza then. :joy::joy::joy:

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Haha yea it’s more of a salad on a flatbread :joy:

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15 February 2019

Happy half-price chocolate day everyone!

Yoga: 1 hour

Photo of breakfast before yoga:


pea protein shake
red bell pepper
cherry tomatoes
raisin oat bread
half of an avocado
3 cups of black coffee

Calories: 671
Protein: 54
Carbs: 70
Fat: 23


15 February 2019
(second workout)

Max-Effort Lower

Low-Back and Hamstring Warm-Up

A. Squat: 45x10, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3

B. Prowler Sprint: 4 x 30 yards with 245 lbs

C. GHD: 3x10

D1. Sprinter Sit-Ups
D2. V-Ups
D3. Toe Touches
D4. Hip Thrusts
(2 circuits of 10 reps each)


Seeing all this conjugate training is tempting me to learn all about it…but then I remember that I shouldn’t squat if I want to finish this life with my original hip.

It looks fun though. I’ve always liked having a hard training day followed by a lighter one later on the week.


Yea, I’m enjoying it so far. It would probably be more fun though if I weren’t cutting haha

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Everything in life is more fun when you’re not cutting.

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This so much… When I find my weight to keep I’m going to enjoy life in small bits and then just have some days where I stand back.

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Alright y’all, so I need to get the fuck back on my cutting diet tomorrow. I went on a date today and we went to eat noodles after walking in the park for an hour. Then I ate a tub of non-dairy ice cream. Total calories for that meal were 2,200. That puts me at 3,500 for the day, which isn’t terrible since I am still craving so many foods and could easily eat much more. But I made a deal with myself that after I polished off the tub of ice cream that I would stop.

I don’t think this will kill my progress or anything. I just need to get back on the horse tomorrow and be more strict over this next week.


With a new Mrs you might need the extra calories :wink:

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We all appear to be having the same diet issues at the same time lol. Guess that’s why these forums are so great - and allows us to compare notes on what is and is not working. Stay on the horse today! I’m doing well so far.

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Definitely man. I’m glad you’re doing well. I’m sticking to 1950 calories and 200 protein today


Alright fellow dedicated dieters, here’s what I’m having for dinner:

Spinach (2 cups)
Kale (2 cups)
Cucumber (8 slices)
Cherry tomatoes (6)
Baby carrots (5)
Raspberry vinegar dressing (3 tbsp)
Lentils (1/2 cup dry)
Black beans (1 can)

Calories: 850
Protein: 56
Carbs: 155
Fat: 4
Fiber: 54


Much healthier than the 2000+ calorie cheat meal I had yesterday :joy:


That would kill me.

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I usually have around 100 grams of fiber per day along with a fuckton of vegetables. Honestly, your stomach gets used to it after a while. The first little bit of eating more veggies is hell though


NO Rat NO absolutely not. Pizza is very healthy :slight_smile:

Looking ehh now I see, it’s missing food. You’ve got no food.

This is an internal joke, at work many years ago somebody said to a guy eating a salad, but there’s no food on your plate, saying it seriously.

Btw are you vegetarian?

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