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Return of the Muskrat


Looking good Rat.
I read somewhere along the lines that as long as you’re 12% bodyfat or more, you’re not losing significant muscles.
Starting on W4SSB I would add a bit of calories back in. It is a build muscle and strength program.
But you’ve been doing fine, and I’ll keep an eye on this new conjugate thing Y’all are doing.

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Thanks Mort. I think that sounds smart. I definitely don’t think I’m at less than 12% bodyfat, so I don’t have to worry about that for a bit longer. But yea, it might be a good idea to feel out a small calorie increase

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You’re doing fine. If it’s not broke then don’t fix it. What’s your #1 goal/priority right now? Answer that question and it will tell you how to eat.


Main goal is to lose fat. So the conclusion would be to stay the course I guess


Looking fken good mate, back especially looks spot on. Man I need to lose some of this blubber!!!

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Thanks Simo. Don’t worry man, you’ll definitely lose it. Just takes time. I keep telling myself to be patient

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12 February 2019

Dynamic-Effort Lower

Yoga Flow Warm-Up

A. Box Jump: 6x2 on 30” box EMOM

B. Bulgarian Split Squats: Bx10, 45x2x10

C. RDL: 45x10, 95x10, 135x10, 185x2x10

D. Hanging Leg Raise: 4x10

E. Sprints: 4 rounds of 30 seconds at 9-11 mph, 90 seconds at 2-3 mph


Nice! :+1:


Thanks my man. I’m gonna be adding in a bit more of this type of stuff to my program.


Like this whole session - how fast are you moving on the split squats and RDL?


Great progress man.

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@losthog thanks my man. That means a lot coming from you since you’ve made such big progress.

@bustedwheel I’m moving pretty fucking fast. I was reaching warp speed on the RDLs :joy:

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On eccentric too? I always worry about quick RDLs on the eccentric.


Nope, not on the eccentric, just concentric

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Alright y’all. So I wanted to eat some pizza. I decided to have a bit of a cheat meal. I ate two big mother fucking pizzas.

Before (just a photo of one of them)


Macros of the meal:
1660 calories
52 protein
255 carbs
46 fat


Hell yeah. Nice cheat meal! Gains baby

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Oh yea. Dude it was great. Hopefully it’ll fuel my upper day tomorrow


When I’m on a diet that could be my daily intake… the macros would be a bit different though.

When you go, you go all in Rat. Respect.

That pizza looked great man.

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I really do hate you right now. You look great and you get to eat two flammin pizzas. I’ve been starving myself for 5 weeks and still look crap. Lmao

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@simo74 haha mate the pizza is a reward for starving myself :joy: don’t worry man you’ll get there. You work really hard and you’re strong, so I’m not worried at all about you cutting the fat off.

@mortdk yea the pizza was great. I think I asked for every vegetable they had to make sure the pizza was big as hell. It was super worth it

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