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Return of the Muskrat


All good points. To be fair about my “bad” excuse - When suits are $2k and already tailored, you really can’t take them in and out without damaging them. Other points - for sure.

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That’s why you take them in and maintain your physique from that point on!

You’d have motivation to stay lean - it’d be too expensive to get fatter. :smile:


Alright, alright - I’ll go on a lean down plan! Will just get a calculator and keep track of total calories in for starters.


1 February 2019

Exercise Bike: 20 minutes

Yoga: 1 hour

@bustedwheel good plan dude. I’m actually down 15 lbs from where I bought my suit and it still fits. Mostly what changes is the waist


1 February 2019
(second workout)

Box Squat
45x10, 95x4, 135x4
185x4 @ 6
225x4 @ 8
245x4 @ 8.5
225x4 @ 8.5

GHD: 3x10
Leg Raise: 3x10

Incline DB Bench
50x12 @ 6
60x10 @ 7
70x8 @ 9.5
80x6 @ 10

Giant Set
Chin-Ups: 20
Straight-Arm Pushdown: 40
Face Pull: 60

Conditioning Circuit (3 rounds)
Battle Ropes: 30 seconds
Glute Bridge: 30 seconds
Hanging Leg Raise: 6
Prowler: 40 yards, 155 lbs


4 February 2019

Yoga Flow Warm-Up

1-count Paused Bench
45x20, 95x5, 135x1
185x1 @ 6
205x1 @ 7
225x1 @ 7.5
185x5 @ 7
195x5 @ 8

Chest Supported Row: 2x10, 2x20
Curls: 4x10

Incline DB Bench
50x10 @ 6
70x10 @ 9
60x10 @ 8

Exercise Bike: 10 minutes

Row Machine: 10 minutes


Nice paused bench mate. What’s your current max for bench?


Thanks Simo. I’m not sure what my max is at the moment. If I had to guess though, I’d say 235 or 245. I’ve definitely gotten weaker during this cut.


5 February 2019

Yoga Flow Warm-Up

Box Squat
45x10, 95x4, 135x4
185x4 @ 6
225x4 @ 7.5
245x4 @ 9.5
185x10 @ 8

GHD: 4x10

Leg Raise: 4x10

Conditioning Circuit (2 rounds)
Prowler Drag: 185 lbs x 40 yards
Chin-Ups: 6
Dips: 6
Prowler Push: 185 lbs x 40 yards
Jump Rope: 50 skips


Do you feel like you get more out of sled drag or push?


I think sled drag hits my quads more than sled push. They are both pretty hard exercises though, which makes them great for conditioning. I don’t think I have a favorite yet because I haven’t been doing them for very long. So far, both seem pretty good for getting extra leg volume in.

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7 February 2019

Yoga Flow Warm-Up

2-count Pause Close-Grip Bench
45x20, 95x4
135x4 @ 6
165x4 @ 6.5
185x4 @ 8.5
185x4 @ 9
185x4 @ 7

Chin-Ups: 4x8
Face Pull: 4x15
(90 second rests)

DB Overhead Press: 30x8, 50x8, 60x8
Full ROM Paused Lateral Raise: 3x8
(2 minute rests)

Exercise Bike: 10 minutes


Love Paused Bench. My max probably went up fastest when I was doing this sort of thing on bench - I think I was doing 5x5 or 6x6 like this.

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Yea hopefully after I’m done cutting I can get my bench up again. I’ll definitely be relying on some paused bench to do that.


Do you find cutting affects bench much?


Yea, between my peak weight in the summer (around 200) and now (low 180s), I’ve lost around 30 lbs on my bench. If I carbed up, then perhaps some of that gap would disappear, but my bench is fairly responsive to my weight. After a cut, I tend to gain the strength back pretty fast, so I’m not too worried about it


I never found a correlation. Was all about frequency and shoulder health. My best was at about 193# but was benching twice a week and my shoulders were healthy. I’d like to get back to 3 wheels or even 365. Right now I’m guessing only 250 but 18(x14 for first time benching in 2 years doesn’t suck.

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8 February 2019

Exercise Bike: 10 minutes

Yoga: 1 hour

Gonna hit some squats later.


8 February 2019
(second workout)

45x10, 95x5, 135x3, 185x1
225x1 @ 6
275x1 @ 9
225x5 @ 7.5
225x5 @ 7.5
225x5 @ 8

GHD: 3x10

Conditioning Circuit (4 rounds)
Sled Drag: 205 lbs x 40 yards
Sled Push: 205 lbs x 40 yards


11 February 2019

Max-Effort Upper

Yoga Flow Warm-Up

A. Incline Bench: 45x20, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 205x3

B. Incline DB Bench: 50x20,15

C1. Chest Supported-Row: 55x3x12
C2. Rear Delt Fly: 10x3x12

D. Paused DB Shrug: 30x3x15

E1. Tricep Pushdown: 30x3x25
E2. DB Curl: 20x3x15

Alright y’all. Starting Westside for Skinny Bastards today. I’m done fucking around.

I weighed 179 this morning, so I really am a skinny bastard now. That’s the lowest I’ve weighed in 4 years. That marks a drop of 16 lbs since I started cutting 6 weeks ago (January 1).

Y’all have a good one

P.S. I’m thinking of either adding some calories back or having slightly more frequent refeeds. I just calculated how fast I’m losing weight, and it’s 2.7 lbs per week. I feel fine though. Plus, my training is going well. Do y’all think I’m going down too fast? Advice?

Here’s some progress photos to add some visual data: