Return of the Marine - CDMac's WTF to do next log

CDMac’s 5/3/1 Triumvirate Log

  • Height: 5’8"
  • Weight: 167.8


  • I am 46 and have basically been sitting at my desk for the past 3+ years with very little exercise
  • Age finally caught up to my high metabolism and I started putting on extra weight
  • I’ve always had some form of physical activity until about 2013
  • In 2012 I trained 5-6x a week and thought about prepping for a natty contest
  • life got in the way and I never fulfilled that goal of getting on stage
  • Now that I’m older, I do not think about competing but I do want to get stronger, more agile (body aches in most joints), and stay lean
  • I started TRT in April 2017 due to the classic low T symptoms and this has helped me tremendously
  • I just completed 5 weeks on the V-Diet and will be running 5/3/1 Triumvirate to increase overall size/strength
  • I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for the 2018 T-ransformation and I’ll be trying to GAIN for that challenge (maybe cut at the end)
  • For detailed background and info on where I’m starting from, check out my V-Diet log

Start Date: 11/6/2017


  • Plazma
  • Mag-10
  • Metabolic Drive
  • Curcumin
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Vit D3
  • Flameout
  • Whey and Casein protein

Current Estimated 1RMs (pounds):

  • Military Press: 144
  • Deadlift: 302
  • Bench Press: 214
  • Squat: 285

Goals (by the end of 2018)

  • Military Press: >200

  • Deadlift: : >425

  • Bench: : >275

  • Squat: : >355

  • Not sure how realistic these are but we’ll see how it goes

  • Any input on whether these goals seem to high or too low would be appreciated

Starting Training Maxes (pounds):

  • Military Press: 130
  • Deadlift: 275
  • Bench Press: 195
  • Squat: 260


  • Defranco’s Agile 11 for before and after lift
  • Jump Rope
  • Box jumps/Med Ball throws (depending on lift day)
  • hang from pullup bar/deep squat hold/hang from bar again

Thanks for taking a look at my log and if anyone has any input/advice/wisdom to share, it is always appreciated

  • I’ll start logging my workouts in the next post

C1/W1/D1 - Monday 11/6/2017

Military Press:

Supersetted assistance
Dips 5x15
Switched between chin and pull-ups each set(50 total) 12/10/10/3/ 15 singles

Post workout
KB Lunges 2x30 yards @16kg (will save these for conditioning days from now on)
Agile 11


This looks expensive!

If you’re re-acquiring some previous strength levels then these might not be too far fetched. If you’re truly trying to add this much to your PRs then that’s a different story. Based on your intro, I think you’re more likely living in the first scenario.

Good luck!

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Will be following your log!

Yeah, I agree. I’m going to sort out which ones are going to be the best long term.

Not sure I’ll keep all the different proteins and not sure I’ll keep using Plazma AND Mag-10.

Basically just need a protein shake of some sort and the fish oils and curcumin and VD3 will be in no matter what (relatively inexpensive)

I really liked CBD oil for general body pains/inflammation but it’s rather expensive compared to curcumin.

Those goals are 14 months out but I think my upper body movement goals are a little aggressive; we’ll see.

In the short term, I want to beat my rep PRs when they come up in 5/3/1 and I may test maxes somewhere down the line. I just want to get back to somewhere close to where I was before and then see how my older body handles that work - it’ll be a journey.


Thanks man!


I still think your body will respond well. I like the idea of muscle memory; it seems easier to re-acquire things compared to developing them for the first time. I won’t be surprised if you progress rapidly towards your goals as long as life doesn’t get in the way (we all know how that goes).

I’ll follow along as well, going to start 5/3/1 programming myself in a few weeks. Best of luck!

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You going to keep a log on here? If so, I’ll follow yours as well.

Yeah, I think I’m already seeing the benefits of having been in decent shape before in my not-too-distant past. Well, life got in the way over the last 3-5 years (last kid in high school and playing sports) so now that I am an empty nester, I can get back to focusing on me and my health as well as helping my wife get back to the weight/conditioning she wants to be. Our goal is to look the best naked that we’ve ever looked by the time we’re 48 (me) and 50 (her).

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Yep! I think it’s the top link in my profile, or top search result for Velvet haha. I’d share the link but that might be not cool.

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C1/W1/D2 - Tuesday 11/7/2017


Superset assistance lifts
Good Mornings 1x12 @60 / 1x12 @70 / 3x12 @75
Hanging Leg Raises 2x15 toes to bar / 3x15 knees to chest


  • Deadlift - could have pulled more reps - Used hook grip (just learning it) but grip limiting factor
  • Good Mornings - taking it easy here as to not injure anything out of the gate
  • Hanging Leg Raises - grip failing on the toes to bar so switched it up to hang from forearms
  • Overall felt great to deadlift again

Good luck mate, you’ll be amazed at how quick istrength will come back, maybe not as quick as you hope, but it will come back, definitely easier second time round.
I recently started 5/3/1 after a bit of a layoff and am enjoying it so far, so will be following along here.


C1/W1/D3 - Thursday 11/9/2017

Bench Press:

Superset assistance lifts
DB Bench 1x15 @50 / 1x15 @45 / 3x15 @40
DB Rows 2x30 @40 / 1x30 @30 / 2x30 @25


  • Thought about going for 12 reps but remembered Jim’s advice to leave one in the tank and never miss
  • Had to play around with weights for assistance (started too high)
  • Wanted to go high rep Kroc rows so decided to go 30 reps per arm/set
  • Hopefully endurance will come quickly on Kroc rows
  • Kept pretty strict form so I might be able to go a little heavier with looser form

C1/W1/D4 - Friday 11/10/2017


Superset assistance lifts
Leg Curl on Star Trac machine 1x15 @80 / 1x15 @70 / 3x15 @50
Leg Press 5x10 @270


  • always had problems getting full contraction on leg curl machines
  • decided to lower weight and go slow reps focusing on full contraction
  • felt really good on squats - didn’t use belt but probably will next week
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Happy Birthday to all my brothers and sisters in arms today.


Happy Veteran’s Day to all my heroes tomorrow (Grandpas, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Brother, Son, Son-in-law) and to all the rest of you that served this great country.







C1/W1/D5 - Saturday 11/11/2017

  • Walked 1.5 miles
  • Ran 10x100m hill sprints
  • Walked 1.5 miles home

C1/W1/D6 - Sunday 11/12/2017

  • I did V-Burn challenge circuit with my wife who is doing the V-Diet
  • It was her first V-Burn challenge so I did it with her - felt good just to move around
  • Also did shoulder work - band pull-aparts/holds to work on sore right shoulder
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C1/W2/D1 - Monday 11/13/2017

EDITED to add warmup:

  • Defranco’s Nimble 11 - my hips are always tight so I do this daily
  • 300 singles jump rope (need to work on double unders more)
  • Hang 30-60 seconds from pullup bar
  • hold deep squat for 30-60 seconds and push out knees, stretch low back
  • Hang another 30-60 seconds from PU bar
  • Band pulls, shoulder mobility to loosen up/strengthen my right shoulder
  • Press/throw 20# smash ball into air as high as I can from chest to overhead
Military Press:


Supersetted assistance
Dips 3x15
Chin-ups 3/10


  • Really worked on getting my grip width and grip placement set up on my OHP warmup sets - getting more comfortable with the lift
  • Didn’t use belt today but may need to next week as I don’t want to get too much extension with hip hinge/rebound (Rippetoe technique)
  • Was pretty fried and couldn’t do more than 3 sets of dips so just did 3 sets each of assistance
  • Mixed egg whites in with 2 eggs to increase volume of omelette but does not taste as good as 3 eggs

C1/W2/D2 - Tuesday 11/14/2017


  • Defranco’s Nimble 11
  • 200 singles jump rope
  • Hang / deep squat / hang (30-60 seconds each)
  • Band pulls, shoulder mobility to loosen up/strengthen my right shoulder


Superset assistance lifts
Good Mornings 5x12 @85
Hanging Leg Raises 3x15 toes to bar / 2x15 knees to chest


  • Felt like total ass this morning
    • Was stiff, tired, cranky
    • Ate a real meal before workout today (oats w/peanut butter, 2 egg omelette w/cheese, tomato, avocado, plus Plazma)
    • Felt bloated and drained as I was walking into gym
    • once I got into my stretch/warmup routine, started to come alive
  • Deadlift - Taped thumbs for hook grip (felt SKRONG!)
  • Also used belt on all working sets (initial sets to get used to new belt, get the fit right; PR set to really brace hard)
  • Good Mornings - slow eccentric to get good hamstring & hip stretch