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Return of the King Game


With all the talk and recent trailer about the movie I wanted to make sure to recomend the corresponding EA game that will be realease almost two months prior to the movie's release on all consoles and even PC.

The game'll feature all the major battles and spoilers for the upcoming movie, and is all around looking to be a terrific game! Check out gamespot or gamestop for previews of it, and check out EA's The Two Towers game to get an idea of what to expect, the games are great straight out hack and slash adventure games and the graphics are great pitting you in a huge battle with hundreds of other characters at once...

...okay, moment of geekdom has passed, sorry, the trailer got me all fired up : )


Yes, this one looks to be even better than the first (fun, but short). I think co-op is in here and I think this one's gonna be a classic from the previews and development stuff I've heard. I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means, but their are some good games I'm looking forward to playing this winter and ROTK is one of them.


I played the first one, albeit briefly, and thought it was ok. I might buy this one, just for fun. There's no real spoiler in a game if you've read the books.