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Return of the Dog Pound

I vote Yes!

Another “Yes” vote.

I’m not a bodybuilder, but the vets here who are would definitely benefit from the concept. I just would like to be able to read and learn from the exchanges between the serious-minded folks without having to wade through all the BS from arrogant newbies and other emo-fags who need a fucking reality check.

I’m in too!

Yes, don’t care to be allowed in it, but definitely want to read it.

I’ve never posted before because anytime I have a question I can find the answer somewhere on the website, but I think this is a great idea and I would also love to see what it is the vets have on their minds.

I’d support it, provided that it was at least readable to general members. I really enjoy learning from some of the more experienced posters. I’m also curious to know what the basis would be for deciding who may or may not post in the forum.

I’m for it, but I don’t think I’d be included. Depends what makes you a “vet”. I’d love to read it though just to learn. But you would have to be very selective for those who are allowed to post.

I vote yes. There is no telling how much I can learn from something like that.

Put me down.


I give a resounding YES.

Where’s my buddy Tiri?


Like Bushy, I wasn’t around for the original. What was the criteria for entrance into the hallowed halls?

[quote]Fulmen wrote:
I give a resounding YES.

Where’s my buddy Tiri?[/quote]

I wasn’t here to see what this was, but the people of like mind in this thread say yea so I’m assuming I would as well.




I think their ought to be multiple criteria. Number of posts primarily, but also how long you’ve been a member. There are some who’ve been members for years but only have like 600 posts, and then there’s guys like Merlin who had 300+ in their first day.


Count me in!


Though i hope it’s not based primarily on post count, there are numerous newbs who post whore like crazy with quantity over quality.