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Return of Ephedra


Rumor has it Ephedra is back? Is there any truth to this??


Yes. Actually, ephedrine HCL was never banned. Search Vasopro


The ban was overturned. The products have not made it back to shelves however. Epbedrine HCL does not work anywhere near as well as the old ephedra. Maybe others have had better experiences, but I had no noticable effects from Ephedrine HCL.


from my own anecdotal ephedrine hcl works just as well as ephedra on a mg to mg basis...the difference is that ephedrine hcl is only 'active' for ~3 hours where ephedra is 'active' for a much longer time span (I felt it's effects for up to ~12 hours)...

so from the perspective of a highly charged workout w/out feeling 'strung out' afterwards I prefer ephedrine hcl...

from the perspective of using it as a fat lose product, ephedra would be more beneficial (in my opinion)...


Ephedrine HCl is the active ingredient in ephedra and works just as well if not significantly better.

Ephedrine HCl was never banned, either, although ephedra was.


No ephedrine HCL was not the same as the banned ephedra. Ephedrine HCL is used in cold medicines. The ephedra alkaloids that were used in drinks and pills such as Hydorxy-cut and Xenadrine were not the same.

I tried the ephedrine HCL and it had nowhere near the effect either Hydroxy or Speed Stack from ABB had on me. All the people I know who I ask came to the same conclusion that the old stuff was way more effective than the new ones.



ephedra contains four alkaloids: ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine (norephedrine), and cathine (norpseudoephedrine)...of the ephedra alkaloids, ephedrine is by far the most potent thermogenic agent...

here's a little educational material for you:




TrainerinDC, you are confused. Are you talking about psuedoephidrine?


Ok then if it is the same thing tell me why Ephedrine HCL does not work for me at all, when the ephedra in the hydroxy-cut and in the speed stack by ABB rocked my world?

Up until my personal stash after the ban every ephedra dose would rock my world. I tried the HCL and I felt no effect. There has to be something different in the two things.


good question...

given that the active thermogenic agent in hydroxy-cut and ABB speed stack's ephedra is ephedrine, what possiblities are there?


did the hydroxy-cut have a higher dose of ephedrine in it than the ephedrine hcl that you took?

was the hydroxy-cut mixed with a high dosage of caffine? was the caffine absent in the ephedrine hcl product that you took?

did hydroxy-cut have any other ingredients besides ephedra and caffine that were not in the ephedrine hcl that you used?

and even the good old fashioned placebo affect may or may not have something to do with your perceived experience...

a further examination could give you the answer you are looking for...

try to re-create the ingredients of hydroxy-cut (i.e. experiment on you own) until you get the desired results...


What???? I still use ephedrine hcl and it is very much like ephedra. In fact I experience no differences. My fav ephedra product however was Xenadrine
IF-1. That was the cleanest energy I'd ever gotten out of a OTC stimulant.


Ephedra was often mixed with Guarana and Kola Nut instead of caffeine and perhaps White Willow Bark instead of Aspirin. I think they really amped up the stimulants (other than ephedrine).

Anyhow, with the various items tossed in there, the potency of each often being unstated or not standardized, it is really hard to make a straight comparison.

However, all that being said, if you approximate the combined ingredients of your previous supplement except using ephedrine instead of ephedra, you shouldn't be far off.

That's the theory anyway...


I have always had great results with the previously banned ephedra (in hydroxycut) and the ephedrine HCL with caffeine. The only difference was that I was paying a butt-load more for the hydroxycut.

Both products gave me equal results.

Maybe you didn't take it with caffeine?

I didn't notice a difference without the aspirin, but everyone reacts differently to supplements so maybe you didn't take it with caffeine and aspirin?

I thought the only difference was that one is man-made and the other occurs naturally, but I could be wrong. It's been a while since I got into ephedra/ephedrine.

All I know is that I had the same great results with my own ephedrine HCL and caffeine pills as I did with the other supplements.


um correct me if i'm wrong but

ephedrine hcl is just a salt of ephedrine, upon addition to water, ephedrine hcl should dissociate to free protons(assuming ephedrine is not very basic, which si probably a good assumption), chloride ions, and free ephedrine.

unfortunately the hydrolysis of this salt in the acidic medium of your stomach would be pretty slow, but in your small intestines this would be a pretty fast reaction.


well, like any other pharmaceutical substance designated as hcl...the preparation as a hydrochloride is done so that the drug (ephedrine in this case) is quickly absorbed (generally 15-30 minutes) in the gastrointestinal tract...