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Return my Androsol or use Arimidex?

I’m prone to gyno. I bought three bottles of Androsol and now am contemplating returning them since I have heard of several people who were prone to gyno getting it from prohormones. Since Androsol doesn’t convert to estrogen or progesterone, will Arimidex help me at all? I assume it’ll lower my natural estrogen levels (which are pretty high), but do nothing for the side effects of the prohormone. Am I wasting my money on Arimidex? At $200 per 28 tabs, it makes the “preventative” part of my cycle twice as costly as the Androsol!!!

Read the interview with TC in the new issue. It was androstenedione, not the 4-androstenediol in Androsol, that was causing some guys to get gyno. I, too, have family members who’ve had naturally occuring gyno problems, but I’ve used three cycles of Androsol at full dosage with no probs. But I wouldn’t take regular oral andro for a date with Monica Brant!

Hey guys. I too am prone to gyno. Now it doesnt get too bad but it does start from fairly low doses of T or other androgens (even dione). Although not bad, because Im pretty lean, it is fairly evident if there is any swelling at all. Ive been playing with the max doses of androsol (70x2) and nothing. No swelling, no sensitivity, nothing. And I have been gaining a good bit of lean mass. Although 1 person’s experience is not proof, I assure you that since I am prone to gyno, I would be one to experience this if androsol was converting to estrogens to any substantial degree. Now, one could argue that since androsol converts to T then that could lead to the estrogen even though androsol doesnt convert directly. Well, Ive done my own blood work in the lab with all different forms of diol (oral, sublingual, transdermal spray and creams) and my t shoots up through the roof (500-1000% increases above baseline) with no increases in estradiol. Pretty amazing, even to me. And yes, I am super lucky to be able to do these assays any day I choose to “at work”!

Yes, John is completely correct that estrogen levels and gyno simply are not issues with Androsol.

This is why gynecomastia is not listed as
a possible side effect on the warning label,
though we did go to pains to list other
side effects that CAN be caused by 4-AD
even if only when abused… for example,
testicle shrinkage. Simply because we feel
that users have a right to know everything
that CAN be caused by the product.

These days I wish we had worded it differently
and made it clear that 4-AD when used for extended periods of time can INDIRECTLY cause testicle shrinkage. Maybe then there would not be all the worry that there is on that issue,
and this modified statement is actually more
accurate. (4-AD does not itself act on the testicles and cause them to shrink, an idea
one might get from the current warning label.)

Anyway, point being… we listed all the things
that could happen, knowing we were hurting
sales by doing so… we did not list gyno because there is no evidence that it can happen from Androsol use and no reason to suspect it might. In fact, by increasing androgen/estrogen ratio, if anything it is an ANTI-GYNO agent, though we do not promote it as such.

Ipriflavone has some anti-estrogenic effects due to its ability to bind to estrogen receptor sites and keep the estrogens from binding to the sites. If your concerned about using prohoromones, I’d stack Tribex-500 with Di-Indolin.