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Return from Xzile to Smash a 6-hundo DL Before Christmas

I haven’t really lifted since May, in fact I camped throughout BC for a month and then hitchhiked through part of the western US for a month this summer. I walked thirty miles or more on more than a few days. One day I ate a total of ten sugar packets because that’s all I had. This same day not only did it rain all night while I slept in a ditch but I woke up to two fresh spider bites on my face. One was above my right eye and the other on my upper lip, I looked crazy. I think I probably lost around sixty pounds of body weight during this time. I say probably because by the time I weighed myself I had fattened up to 220lbs.

I’m about 6’3" so that’s kind of frail for me to be this light. I’ve been working construction for a few months now and I feel like doing stuff with weights again. I plan to dead lift 600lbs by Christmas and stay at or around 225lbs for a body weight. I’ve been eating eggs, cheese, and buffets almost daily, now I’m going to up the amount of eggs and cheese I consume for the protein and try to start smashing shit.

I threw up in my mouth and then on the side of my car out the window four times while driving to work so I took the day off, before I got home I started getting the shits and proceeded to have them throughout the day. Don’t know for sure but I guess my body weight probably dipped below 220. I woke up last night and tried to play that call of duty game and battle some zombies but I sucked and quit after five minutes, fuck the zombies.

I felt fine. I decided that I would start with singles in the DL. This is approximately how things went…

3 x 5 @ 135lbs
1 x 3 @ 225lbs
3 x 1 @ 225lbs
3 x 1 @ 315lbs
3 x 1 @ 405lbs

I used a double overhand grip, no hook, no chalk, and no belt. My grip was definitely the weak link in the chain. I don’t want to just go nuts and throw out my back so I’m allowing my grip to limit my lifts at this point. I plan to pull twice a week and do some light pushing three or four days a week (probably ohp and or push ups), with some ab roller-ing here and there for da abz. If I feel bucky I may add some other shite along the way.

In the past few weeks I’ve been farting around with tabata style front squats and some ohp just to do something. Now its time to move forward.

You may be thinking, you just did three singles with 405 and you plan to hit 600 by Christmas, wtf? I have been strong enough to dl at least 600 most of my adult life so its really just a matter of getting in condition, again. Ultimately I’d like to dl heavier than I ever have. I’ve pretty much done reps historically so that shouldn’t be too hard, I think. I’ll see how that goes.

Random note: I have Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits in heavy rotation right now. Now that’s music to lift to right there.

tonight I did this

2 x 3 @ 135 lbs hang cleans

5" inch deficit deadlifts as follows

1 x 1 @ 135
3 x 1 @ 225
2 x 1 @ 315
1 x 1 @ 405
1 x 1 @ 455

Tonight I used a hook grip so the grip was good. My back was the crappy part of my lifting this time. It’ll come around. I wouldn’t call 455 my max in this lift, just a good test of whats up right now. I’ll wait until Sunday before I pull again. It’ll be singles just not sure about style yet. Sometime between then and now I’ll do some clean and pressing stuff. I guess I’m only 145 pounds away from deadlifting my stated goal weight, sort of. kickass

I don’t have a current video, people like videos, but here is one from last winter. This is just some high rep touch and go deadlifting. I was coming back from a really nice hamstring tear. I tore it in, I think, early september '09 and did nothing until january '10. So this was after about a month of lifting. Watching it now, the video sucks. I promise if I put up another video it will not be one long gratuitous ass shot.

I wore straps so none of the reps actually count.


Log looks good man, good luck with the 600.

Had to comment on the BC hiking, you’re talking about british columbia, eh, if so where abouts?

[quote]cowboyfromhell wrote:
Log looks good man, good luck with the 600.

Had to comment on the BC hiking, you’re talking about british columbia, eh, if so where abouts? [/quote]

Yes British Columbia. I was in the Kamloops area for a while, Merritt, and Lillooet. There is some amazing country right there. I stayed on two reserves part of the time, Coldwater and Xaxlip(sp?), just chopping wood.


I hate benching. I don’t think I’ve done it this year. I think I’m going to do it tomorrow, maybe close grip. I’ll shoot for a single with 315. I like karaoke.


eight eggs, jumbos

cheese, only about four ounces

buffet, including chicken and pizza

cheese, same

chinese and four pieces of cheesecake

I plan to eat just eggs and cheese all weekend, goal is four dozen eggs and a pound and a half of cheese, mmmaybe some fiber too. gotta shit for health.

I have not eaten an egg or any cheese yet today, I’ve eaten at Burger King twice and had a couple of cheddar brats from a gas station, awesome?

I warmed up and hit a touch and go close grip bench of 315. I bench one time this year and my left shoulder hurts, fuuuuck. Basically I did three low rep sets with 135, then singles with 185, 225, 275, and 315. ta-da

What this has to do with weight training, I do not know


maybe this

good to see your still smashing fucking weights man. sorry haven’t had a chance to respond. ahh merritt beautiful place, would have been nice for you to see the north coast its pretty scenic.

i know the area you were at pretty well, surprisingly I am currently working with Cold Waters resource management team on a project. strange how paths cross, good luck anyway!