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Return from Lay Off



I was hoping for some advice, in Feb of this year I managed to join the 1,000lb club, I know small scale compared to some but I was very proud as I was a novice only training seriously for 13 months.

In June my wife gave birth to our 1st child and unfortuantely the two of them were very ill for few months and in total I have been away from training for over 4 months.
Now they are better and I want to get back training and I have been back to the gym 3x a week this month but I am struggling to find a definitive answer for where I should start back.
I am looking to use Christians 20min muscle builder to get back up to my previous maxs and was wondering if I should start on 50% of my best 1RM or even lower.

I have been doing 50% singles in the gym since going back just to get back into the swing of things and they seem confortable enough until I attempt any volume.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


I returned from a long training absence a few months back with that exact program in mind. It was nice to get my feet wet and increase the appetite for lifting, but for me the progression scheme was far too slow as my old gains were returning very quickly so I ditched it after a couple weeks.

I decided to just do a 3RM ramp and then 1 or 2 backoff sets or a circuit involving 80% of the 3RM and some assistance exercises instead until I regained the strength I’ve had already… 1 lower body exercise or 2 upper body exercises per workout. Usually lasted about 40mins (I mean… if you have time for 20min of lifting, chances are high you have time for 40mins. It takes the travel time/change time/shower time/warm up time etc. so it’s pretty much gonna take at least an hour no matter what)

And… well 3 months later I’m still making gains doing it this way although the pace has definitely decreased to the point where I’m ready to pick up a planned progression program. I’m gonna do 915 after I finish doing the 10,000 KB swing challenge… if I can even make it… I also will need to buy a new weight set because the shit I use in my garage gym can barely handle the weight I’ve made it to now and if 915 delivers I’m gonna snap my bar right in the middle and stab myself through the chest while deadlifting.

Anyway, that’s just been my experience.