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Hi there Many years ago, I used to post on this website. I live in Pennsylvania still and my name is Chang Lee. If my message is hard of reading, I apologize I much regret. I am of Japanese tradition. As may be understood here, because it was off this site, I was studying English to be best understood.

Though I still need help to type it though my speech has been fine as I have been told by cashiers. I need help with my weight again due to the salt i love on the food. I think it has a potential for large mass of muscle. I helped told to read article on this website from Mr. Chris Shugurt of the v diet fame, some of it I cannot handle.

However, some questions, Do I have from that it is obesity, because of the stretching of the skin wound, and They need vitamin E? I do not go often for my body, as seen in the present of women in a gymnasium afraid around some kind of reason, apologies You have to accept the awkwardness of me in the gymnasium. This is the reason for the need of muscular lump on my chest and navel area, especially arms and slim and trim for attraction purposes.

I saw on the attractive beach in the state that is above mine, and I wish to be like them. Good idea to name your muscular lumps like he does? Such as muscle mass especially against those species of women, occur in the area is to embarrass me because I have none.

So, if you are instructed that you kindly help me, I am need of guidance councilor in the area of gain muscular lumps like a stone statute figure of those on the beach in the state above mine and slim and trim at same time.

Thank you kindly and help is appreciated.

You are my favorite poster of all time.

[quote]smallmike wrote:
You are my favorite poster of all time.[/quote]