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Retry on Other Topic high SHBG

First of all, thanks to all that gave me some info…
Wrote down my complete story to paint a complete picture.
Yes i’m also on pain meds but the main reason for me asking help was is because i saw some folks here with a lot of knowledge on this high SHGB thing.

Long story short version…self administrating TRT for 10 years with ups and downs
Reading here allready made me see that i was doing it wrong.
Quit cold Turkey in August 2018 cause the last 4 years i had no libido anymore on every level…quiting ment seeking help cause after 10 years injecting testosterone there is no possible way that bloodwork would be fine.
Bloodwork isn’t fine but according to 2 different endo’s its super and everything is ok.
Endocrinology here in Europe is not the same as in the US, the are way behind with TRT and thats what what i read and noticed in these 10 years on many trt forums.
The bloodwork they wanted me to do was
FSH, LH, Free Testosteron And Testosteron…myself crossed a few things extra in a hurry…thing i reconized…Progesteron, Oestradiol, SHBG

Most tests do not contain a upper or lower limit…but found SHGB online and upperlimit is 60

FSH 5.9
LH 5
Progesteron 0.34
Oestradiol 79 <230 reference?
Free testosteron 269.4 reference 160-640
Testosteron 31 reference 8.8-32.4
SHBG 118

Endo that did invite me to talk said the same as the endo that didn’t even want to see me with such great bloodwork…your blood looks fine, and SHBG is only used to calculate free testosterone?

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