Retropatellar Pain Syndrome/Patella Maltracking

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I have had this in my right knee for about 18 months now, following several surgeries on my left knee when I assume I put extra strain on my right knee.

Symptoms in brief:

  • big clunk/pop after sitting for a while
  • cycling painful after 2-3 minutes
  • squats too painful to even think about
  • constant dull ache
  • kneecap can visible be seen tilting laterally

I am seeing a skilled physiotherapist and we’ve been working on all the usual stuff (Strengthening VMO; stretching lateral structures of the leg; etc) but it doesn’t seem to be working. My VMO and has got stronger but I’m still getting the clicking and pain.

Typical rehab exercises include: terminal knee extensions, leg curl (last 5-10 degrees ROM with light resistance), leg raises, small ROM squats, etc…

Does anyone have any success stories of overcoming this condition? If so, are you able to offer any insights, or suggest any alternative exercises that helped?

Many thanks

PS: This has been cross-posted on more than one website, as I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of as many people as possible. So, if you see this elsewhere, that’s why!

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Sorry I can’t do more for you. That sucks. Good luck.