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Retook Neurotype Test

Coach Thibaudeau,

I retook the neurotype test and still scored primarily as a 1b but my secondary was 1b as well. Could you interpret my scores for me when you have time? Particularly regarding my aversion to training volume as of late.*


*I work a physical job 4-5 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, train 5-6 days a week with overlap over days off from work.

Any takers? Maybe I didn’t word this very well? I wanted to know if my neurotype test results might explain why I’ve such disdain for volume, even relative to other examples I’ve seen for type 1s. Thanks.

Are you good with remembering phone numbers, names, street names etc.??

Were you very explosive as a kid (and now), natural athlete, very easily learned new skills??

To me, this looks like a 1B score, but should wait for coaches reply.

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