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Retiring in France


Really? They're rioting over having to work 2 additional years?


we are rioting ritually three or four time a year.

but it's not really two additionnal years.
it's two additionnal years for substantially reduced pensions
or 5 additionnal years with less reduced pensions.

also, some of protesters know pretty well that this reform is unavoidable. they are protesting against an extremly arrogant government.


In a Michael Moore film some French citizens explained that the government is afraid of the citizens not the other way around. This was why their government wasn't as "evil and controlling" as America's. How true is this?


it has been true enough at some time of our history.
now, i'm not sure it matters anymore, since the evil and controlling European Union is definitely not afraid of us.


Right now they have their fifth republic.

What do you think?


I don't know that many Americans who can afford to retire at age 60 or 65. Usually have to get some part time job for pin money, you know? Be grateful for what you have. By the time I retire I'll have to be 80.


my rioting students would probably answer you this :
"maybe you americans should learn to riot more"

my personnal opinion : this reform could have been much worse and it is probably not even enough to viabilize our pensions system.


I think we're still a little shy rioting in the name of stealing from the next generations for a goose egg in our own golden years. In reality we're pretty much doing it, robbing the future because we ourselves can't save anymore. We just aren't ready to smash windows to demand it. We still get a little embarrased, but I doubt that'll last much longer.



These are people who riot over the smallest thing. I applaud the government for actually doing what is needed to put their country back on track. Heaven forbid you tell unions here that they need to scale back their public benefits, you would be demonized as a Nazi for that.


Anyone else find it amusing that they are temporarily crippling their economy in order to get more money?

or is it just me?

"We want more wealth, but we do not want to make it."

This shit is not only irresponsible, but immoral. I would like how many people have died due to transportation problems or other issues stemming from fuel shortages.

Just for 2 years. Who the fuck retires at 60? Who would want to?


Exactly, wtf are you going to do at 60 in that time? The whole idea of pensions are retarded anyways, ytf not just save?


..americans are oddly schizophrenic sometimes. Especially on PWI...


This is what happens when you get a big govt. with socialistic entitlement programs. Mix that with a lazy populice that think working more than 4 hours is torture, and there you go. Welcome to Americas future.


I come from Chicago, unions run that town. They are slowly forcing huge conventions to go other places because you can't plug in your own damn power cords. You need to have someone whose paid $20/hr to plug it in for you. Every new hotel has to open as a union hotel. At 90 days the employees get to vote whether to stay in the union or not. We have one hotel whose housekeepers have been on strike for over a decade. We non-union hotel workers didn't get our yearly raise because the unions couldn't agree. When (if) they do finally agree, the pay won't be retro'd back. If hating unions makes me a Nazi, then I'm a Nazi.


I wonder what would have happened to us if they had shut down Social Security like they were supposed to. It was never meant to be permanent.


Unions suck, but so did Hitler. I am torn.


I wish they would do away with it. I know people who get it and still have jobs. One person I know took a permanent layoff from work and is getting unemployment and social security. Why cant people just be resposible and save, invest, or have 401k's. The problem is now every one think they are entitled to certain things, and would go insane if it went away. Theese are the ones that in the end will be dependent on the government for everything. I have said before "A government big enough to give you everything you need is big enought to take everything you have".


Well, I'm a Nazi only on here, not in real life. Unions used to be good, they did a lot of help for the working masses, but now they're just corporations out for themselves.


I've only known two people under senior citizen age who were on Social Security. One guy is legally blind and had it when he couldn't find a job when the Recession started. He's now off of it. Another is a guy I worked with who has CP and participated in a work program run by Marriott who helps people like that get jobs and learn to live on their own (help with interviews, public transportation usage, filling out applications). He is also off of Social Security, and is married.


I am no nazi either, and you are right about unions. They HAD a purpose, but now there is no use for them. I say we do away with them and NAACP. Another former great orginization.