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Retinol Dosing For Slight Bacne?


In Japan they (might) have a couple forms of Retinol / Vitamin A, and, I’m confused on if it is Retinol to begin with.

I don’t have huge Mt. Everest size bacne, but I do have some spotting every once in a while on my lower back that are small bumps looking more like razor burn (don’t shave and it’s not heat rash). The smooth skin just isn’t there anymore, so I was wondering if this stuff would help.

The varieties are a powder (10000iu/1g powder), an injectable (50000iu/1 shot) and an oral (10000iu/tablet) - as well as topicals, but, I’d rather take the easy way out on this.

I’m wondering which would be best and why or even if 10-50000iu is overkill.

As I mentioned before, Japan may have it. I haven’t spoken to a doctor yet, but things on this website tend to include drug information for pharma in Japan: http://www.e-pharma.jp/druginfo/info/3111002F1036 (notice it says “Ban”).

I won’t know for sure till I ask my doc about it next week and don’t really want to pay a bit more for him to do research on which is best.

So, what works best for you?