Rethinking Diet for Upcoming Cycle

Well, I’ve been having doubts as to my diet on my cycle. I planned it out perfectly over a month ago using the anabolic diet principles (I am on the AD right now for cutting, adjusted it for a bulk during my cycle). I know Dr. D says that it is fine in his book to use AAS with the AD, but I just haven’t found enough “experience” posts on any boards describing the difference in results between the AD and the high carb diets most BB’s use.

Basically, I am just asking your opinions. My gear isn’t here yet but I will delay my cycle as long as it takes for me to make a decision and to make any changes to my plan.

By the way, I won’t type out my entire food plan but I’ll post the basic principles of what I had planned:

500g fat/day (correct balance of mono/poly/sat of course)
400g protein/day
the regular 30-50g carbs (20 of which are in my PWO shake along with EVOO and low carb whey)
Planned refeed every fourth day (I currently use, for cutting, a 6/1 schedule)

Thanks for the help guys.

I’d avoid taking in that EVOO with your post-workout shake. All that’s going to do is slow the protein absorption.