Retards in the gym

Get this, a friend of mine who happens to attend a different university them me was telling me about an incident in the gym where she’s been working out at that happened the other day. I had encouraged her to use the free weight section a few days back instead of just doing cardio and she decided too; however when she went over to the free weight section this guy said to her: “who the fuck do you think you are? You don’t belong over here, get the fuck out of here.” And then she told him that he didn’t own all the free weights, and he comes back with: “did i say you could be over here? no, so get the fuck out of here” and he threw a fucking 10lb dumbbell at her!!! Man I wish I had been there to kick his ass, how ignorant can you be? I guess management put him in a stangle hold after that and kicked him out for good.

He must have been taking too much of the protein.

10lb dumbell? What a wuss.

(Kidding, just kidding!)

Too much protein? Better tell GW to ban that quick!

The guy that threw the dumbbell has obviously caught a case of The Gay. Who here Doesn’t like the opportunity to check out women while lifting?

I find it hard to believe someone could be that ridiculously obnoxious and stupid, but yet people prove to me each day that its possible anyways so oh well…

That’s really fucked up. I don’t understand what goes through the heads of people like this.

Anyways, maybe he’ll get hit by a truck or something.

Are you positive that management did something to him? He’s REALLY gone? I would sure as hell hope so.

“too much of the protein”


I have to say that is the most unbelievable thing i’ve ever heard!

I would be in complete shock if i saw this happen, before pissing myself laughing. I would say this guy has some serious issues.

Are you sure this was the whole story? It just seems totally unprovoked.

Maybe the guy just had a case of the MONDAYS.

AKA Office Space quote.

That’s just plain fucking wrong! I welcome girls in the free weight room. Even better is when they ask me to spot them on the squat - to which i then tell them about the proper way to spot the squat ha ha!!!

Catch ya later…

he must be gay. everyone knows i only go to the gym to scope out the bunnies. if it wasn’t for them i’d have a gut

Chances are that he was afraid that she would out lift him. I would like to see him play that stunt with the T-Vixens of this board.

Can you imagine him pulling that act on Patricia or Iron Maiden? Or for that matter any of the T-Vixens.

What about ericka or china doll?

Oh yeah, what about Karma.

My fiance went through a situation a lot like that. After a few months of convincing her to go use some free weights I went with her to the gym at her college (where I graduated from 4 years ago) to make sure that she knew proper form, and knew what I was talking about when she was doing the workout that I wrote for her. Of course I had her doing bench, squat, deadlift and pull downs (she can’t do pull ups yet). A lot of the guys at that school still know who I am, and the first time she went and lifted by herself one of the guys started to make fun of her and her roomate because they were deadlifting, and saying stuff like does she think she is big and tough because her fiance is a bodybuilder. Well, they laughed and teased the both of them so much for the next week (for doing real lifts while they were probably doing concentration curls, and tri kick-backs) that they both left, and are back to doing cardio, and lifting on the circa 1982 universal machine by the cardio area. What jackasses!!! Anyway, she really wants to start to lift again, but is to embarassed to do it until she graduates, and can go somewhere else. I think guys like that just know that they are inferior (in the gym, life, somewhere) and are looking for someone to make feel uncomftorable, like they are still in grade school.

p.s. She wouldn’t let me go kick his ass either.

I don’t beleive she provoked him at all, according to her he was posing in the mirror at the time. Apparently a lot of the guys there make fun of any girls who use free weights unless they’re super hot. Nonetheless I’d like to scope it out sometime.

sounds like someones got a case of the MONDAYS

Hey when your feeling down on a monday does anyone at your work say “sounds like someone has a case of the mondays?”

No man… Just no… I reckon if someone said that were i work they’d get their ass kicked

I can hardly believe some dick would actually do that, like theres some BIGGGG assholes in the world, and ive seen lots of em (err, not literal assholes but, uhh…) but that just goes above and beyond anything ive seen. Except maybe that one time i went to a maximum security prison for a sociolgy class and the guys there were yelling obsenities at the ladies… And even then they invitations, i dont recall one of em saying “FUCKIN GO”

at any given time in my school gym there is an equal number of girls lifting free weights (most doing curls and kickbacks, but nonetheless lifting). some of my friends complain that they get in the way as they’re trying to lift (read my post in “the evolution of curling in the squat rack”) but as i think back, more guys have walked into my bar during a deadlift, or a bench, and one even took the fucking bench i was box squatting onto right out from the rack mid set!

so i have no problem with girls lifting, just with stupid people. and if someone threw a dumbbell at my friend he would be missing teeth

Normally I don’t condone the use of violence in any circumstances except self-defense but in this case i’d have to make an exception and call him out. Besides he threw a dumbell at someone so IMO he’s fair game.

It’s sad that people can be so small minded. Makes me glad I have my home gym reaing all of this.

I was in the gym the other day at my college and one of the on campus personal trainers was there putting one of her new clients through a free weight W/O. Well, I start to load the barbell on the flat bench and she says “Can you please load the weights, quietly?”
I was like completely taken aback. How do you load a bar without making ANY noise?
I wasnt dropping 45 lb plates on the ground or violently slamming weight onto the bar. I was simply pushing the weight all the way on the bar.
I said “OK” and then just kept on doing what I was doing. If she wasnt a campus employee I would have told her what a moron she was but since she works for the college gym, I suspected they’d side with her no matter how ridiculous her request was.