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Retards Down Under?


I just got word that my best friend's husband got jumped from behind and jaw broken in two places well walking in downtown Sydney. They are "temporarily" living in Oz, probably leaving sooner now, after he completes his Phd there.

I thought it was very similar to up here in Canada except it's not freeze your balls off cold and you guys can't drink like us, but other than that just as chill.

Would this happen regularly or this just some sort of freak thing?
Is there still some racial tensions going on down there, like I read about at start of year.

I guess I don't know why someone would get an out of the blue beatdown for nothing, especially if they knew the city and assume they would avoid any shyte parts of town.
He's a quiet, engineer type, so can't see him mouthing off, unlike myself who could probably use a good beatdown.



WTF you certainly could use a beatdown if you reckon you canadians can drink better that Australians. I am up for the challenge any time you want.

But on a serious note, Sydney is going to be like any other capital city in the world. It is a beautiful place, but it also has it's areas that are not as friendly as others, and it has people that will do fucked things. I dont think that you will find a major city in the world where things like this do not happen.

I have spent a lot of time in Sydney, but never lived there so there are probably some other aussies that can tell you a bit more.

They will also probably give you shit about thinking that a Canadian could out drink an Australian.


Sydney is a big city so there is bound to be a few morons around. The racial tension is just simmering at the moment but I can see something big happening soon.


Two things.
1) Being surprised that some australians are @$$holes is naive. Making a general assumption like "all australians must be chill" is like making the assumption "all puerto ricans steal cars" (or whatever. pick your random prejudice) I'm not saying you meant it like that at all, but it drives me crazy when people make random assumptions about a massive bunch of people.

To be honest, this probably comes from the semester I spent abroad (in australia, in fact) where as soon as I opened my mouth and people heard my accent I stuck out like a sore thumb. "all the americans are loud. all the americans voted bush" seemed to be a prevailing sentiment (not just from aussies, but also backpacking euros.) I'm a middle class white male, so this was the first time in my life that the shoe was on the other foot.

Not a feeling I was fond of, but an experience that I think was tremendously valuable. I have no problem with people hating me if they think I'm a prick because of things i've done, said, etc. But I do have a problem with people thinking I'm a prick because of the name on my passport. Point is, give me any group larger than, say a dozen people, and I'll find you your @$$hole.

2) I've been to Australia. And I've been to Canada. And you sir, cannot drink the australians under the table :wink:


Firstly, I dig the name of this thread :slight_smile:

Like the others said, we have our share of dirty little bastards down here, but they are certainly not the majority. I'm sorry your friend has had a bad experience down here, but I hope he has also experienced the better side of Australian life.




Bit harsh.Look your friend got beat up,SO WHAT! do u think we all live in fantasy land down here and all get along and say g'day to all the kangaroo's that hop down the streets while we drink a nice big fosters beer while eating shrimp?? u sound very young,every country has scum that will just go around beating people up,shit like that happens.


I was in Sydney a few years ago for about six months. I frequently stumbbled around the city streets late at night and nobody ever messed with me. I made friends almost everywhere I went. Sydney, as well as Australia, is a great place and I would love to go back. Your friend was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He'd probably have just as much chance getting his ass kicked in any big city.


Amen brother!!!!


Agreed! To the OP, someone got their ass whooped and you think it reflects on an entire country? If so, no more than anywhere else. There are no-cause muggings and violence in America and most countries every day. I find it hard to believe that Toronto has no crime...


It happens. There are some places where i wouldnt recommend walking around at night, even though you can if you know the area.

Every now and then you run into a pissed idiot or speed freak or just outright nutjob who wants to roll someone. Skinny, white engineering types would fit the bill for that perfectly.

As for the drinking thing, if you ever come down, post a thread. We dig drinking and are generally friendly people to canadians and americans. Even if we hate your governments. people good. Politicians bad.


Australia is awesome! I would love to go back


Aussies are soft...
If a kiwi had hit him his jaw would be broken in 3 places : )


....and his Ugh boots would be stolen...


It happens everywhere, so your saying people never get jumped in Ontario, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


I live in Sydney and it happens quite a lot, especially in some places, and at certain times - like Saturday night, when lots of people are drunk.

Are you sure it was an Aussie who hit him? There are a lot of tourists here who get pretty rowdy too.

What are the specifics - time, and suburb? There are some nasty areas in the inner city, and there are some suburbs you wouldn't want to go to during the day let alone at night.

Sydney has a lot of suburbs that are like a world unto themselves. Some Sydney people would read what I have written and think "no way, Sydney is perfectly safe" but they might be completely insulated from the worst areas. I know a lot of people who not only have never been to those areas, they have never heard of them.

Having said all that, guns and knives are illegal in Sydney. So anyone with a gun is probably out to commit a crime, not a random act of violence. (not always true, but most of the shootings are gang and crime related). Most people do not carry knives, but some do.

The downside of that is, most people don't expect to confront a weapon, so they may be more likely to start fisticuffs.

I've known quite a few get attacked for no reason, just walking down the street. Being a big scary bodybuilder is no security, it probably just makes you more of a target for a bigger initial hit.

Again, having said all that, mostly you would not have a problem.

I've been to Canada and it is much more "chill" than here. This city is very intense, fast paced with work / traffic and then people like to let off steam. People get worked up over sports events etc.. and there is plenty of booze related stuff.

But again, it is mostly a very safe place as long as you avoid the trouble spots / times, and if you don't avoid them, if you are a little bit aware.

You can walk around and completely let your guard down 100% most of the time but if you go to say Kings Cross (the redlight district) on Saturday night where tonnes of tourists are + locals + everyone is drunk as can be then you might get problems if you find yourself picked on.

There are also suburbs and hangouts that are dominated by a specific ethnic group(s) who might pick on you because you aren't.


No we just shoot each other here, like civilized people.


I'd love to take you up on the challenge, at least we both drink beer, not something we think is beer but is actually water.


I'd love to try though! Love a good piss up regardless


I think we can all agree on that.