Retarded Trainer story

OK, we all know some trainers don’t know their ass from their elbows but this clown takes the cake - as I’ve said in other posts, I’m Canadian but living in Korea currently. Well, one day I heard about a new gym that was opening in the basement of my building so I thought, “Score! I gotta check this out!” I went down to see their gear (most gyms here have d-bells up to about 60 lbs and that’s it). When I got there, there was a trainer who spoke a little English so I asked him first, “how much for a memership?” He said 80,000 won/month (about $70 USD) but I have to sign up for 6 months. Then I asked to see the gear. Much to my dismay the d-bells went to 25 kg and stopped. I asked if there were plans to get heavier ones. He called his boss and his boss said “no”. Then he asked what exercises I need heavier d-bells for. I said “most”. He said, get this, “Well, you can use 3kg d-bells but just imagine they’re 30kg.” to which I replied, “OK, so that means I can just pay you $7.00/month and you can imagine it’s $70.00,” and walked out. Shoulda seen the look on his face

that was a pretty swift re:


That was a truly classic response.


What does that guy tell his girlfriend?

“Baby, just imagine that it’s six inches.”


A most outstanding reply!!! I’d love to have seen the look on his face. What the hell can you build with 25kg DB anyway?! Gimme a break. “We’re opening a new joke…um…I mean gym…downstairs…”

I’ve ran into so many similar situations in Japan, that I eventually stopped saying anything and just walked out.

Tried out one gym where a bunch of guys were smoking IN the gym (cigs are apparently considered a health food in Asia). Unbelievable.

aren’t there any Gold’s or World gyms in Seoul yet? Golds is popping up all over Tokyo, and they DO have good weights.

There should be Gold’s in Seoul. You may be able to work out at some of the hotel gyms. Marriott and Ritz have good gyms, if you live in Kang-Nam.

BTW - how long are you going to be in Korea? I’m going to Korea in September to chill.

Yes, not to get off track, but… more about Korea! :slight_smile:

I ask because I’m thinking about doing ESL there. Constantly investigating, any advice would be appreciated.

I think there is a Gold’s in Seoul but I’m living about 45 minutes outside of Seoul and go to the gym before school so it’d be a huge pain in the ass to travel that far to and from.

Ike - no problem brother. The best way to learn about here is to just fire away any questions that you have.

I’ve been here for 2 years now and I’ll be here for until probably next (2004) Xmas.

About the cigarette smoke in the gyms - it never ceases to amaze me that these guys go in and ‘work out’, then go to the bathroom and sit on the throne puffing away. Even the ‘trainers’ for God’s sake!

BigWillie it would have been funnier if you said “Hey dude imagine you have a jock on!” Then POW! Kick him in the sack real HARD!!! Take that scrotum jockey! :slight_smile:


And then when he’s down saying “ooh my testicles are in horrible pain!” You can say “Pretend it doesn’t hurt and that you are actually getting a blow job.” :wink:

as the saying goes …life is tough, tougher if you’re stupid.

I watched a “trainer” at my gym showing someone new around, he leaned over and yanked the pin out of the lat pull-down machine …then couldn’t understand all the snickering as the bar came down on top of his melon.

I feel for ya bro…

same guy that told my buddy that if he needed a safety cage to squat in, he was using too much weight. At the time this guy was in charge of procurement of new weight training equipment …we got some nice treadmills though …

CDN I disagree with your post. That trainer made a good reccomendation for your buddy. Weather or not you buddy thought that was too much weight for himself he was thinking about your’s and your buddies saftey.

As a “dumb”, “retarted” trainer if I feel the member is doing “too much weight” and he wasn’t in a power squat rack/cage I would recommend it to him or her.; )

In Health,

Silas C.

Silas C.

So Fitone are you suggesting that when squatting, people should only ever use a poundage that they can use as if there were no cage or rack?

But fitone is OUR dumb, retarded trainer. :wink: