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Retarded Rehab


Can't seem to fix this shoulder impingement thing I have going on. Hurt it around the 1st of december, took a week off, tried again. Still pain, PT said it was inflammation of anterior supraspinatus head, ice and go back to lifting. On the 25th december, still hurting, give up lifting entirely (previously light work). Continue some activities, hoping for healing. Nada.

Lose ability to jog, use treadmill, elliptical around a week later. Start going to PT (10th Jan), diagnosed shoulder impingement not cuff tear. all seems well at first.

Then, after 1 week PT they attempt to reincorporate general DB stuff with 15 lbs, progress starts going backwards. Can't ride an exercise bike anymore, can't walk more than 100 M w/o pain. Everything hurts now.

It hurts worse now, not having lifted a weight for over a month, than it did when I was still lifting. Nearly completely crippled. Why is this going backwards? How can I possibly be making reverse progress like this?

Any suggestions?


The area effected has low blood supply so healing will probably take a while.

So, they ruled out a cuff tear, correct?

Edited- sorry missed an important part. Since other movements are bothering you now (jogging, etc), perhaps you might want to get re-diagnosed.

Other than that after you're healed up, you'll want to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles so as to prevent this impingement in the future.
Also, be sure not to do overhead movements such as behind the neck pulldowns or presses (if you've done them in the past), as this puts the shoulder in its weakest position.
The rotator cuff muscles act to pull down on the humerus so as to prevent impingement.


Get a 2nd opinion. These guys fail the test. You're getting worse since you've been seeing them.

Time to find another source.


go to a reputable chiropractor. it sounds like you have some spinal problem if your entire body is hurting. you'd be amazed by the amount of pain and weakness that can be caused by a nerve that's messed up.

hopefully, that's all it is, otherwise if its a more serious issue you'll have to be treated more invasively by an MD.

good luck!


I know how you feel. I've had those sorts of injuries before. Keep in mind that if you get the proper care and rest you will be back 100%.

  1. Lots of ice/heat

  2. Massage.

  3. Chiropractic adjustments

  4. Always proper nutrition

Those are some things that helped me.

May I ask you how your injured it to begin with?


Need some clarification regarding your problems. You stated something about not being able to perform cardio, even walking because of pain. Is this because of shoulder pain or just generalized aches, pains. If sx's are localized to the shoulder you may have flared up the underlying condition at the shoulder.

Whole body problems or bilateral problems are often indicative of systemic issues and may call for an extensive blood profile.