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Retarded Question about Bread


Sooo today I saw the bread's carbs and I was like wtf! 100gr=50carbs
I was wondering, if I eat a whole bread everyday in addition to my 60-80gr protein, am I gonna put on some mass ? (don't care about fat!)
17y/o, 60kg, "5'5


You're not going to put on any mass unless you're consuming more calories than you're burning each day.


The "Trainer" at my gym says he eats a whole loaf every day before he deadlifts, and he's a big fatass, so I guess the answer is yes :slightly_smiling:



Yes, you'll gain mass.

But 60-80g protein a day?

Eat more of that too.

Hell, eat more of everything if you don't care about fat.

And then double it.



If you don't care about the fat screw the bread and hit the peanutbutter.


He was talking about bodyfat, not dietary fat, jackass.

Bread is probably at the bottom of my list for carb sources.


Well I'm reall short on cash atm, thats why I chose bread. I don't care about fat whatsoever, I just wanna see myself 65+. Gonna try eating a whole bread for the next week and see.


Uh,.. he'll most likely put on more body fat eating bread than a ton of PB. You really don't have the slightest notion of basic training or nutritional knowledge judging by your posts on here do ya?



thats why these sort of posts are all too common along with "whats the best diet for ....." or the classic "critique my cutting diet " followed by a SHOPPING LIST or TODAYS MENUE instead of a basic breakdown with macs n cals . evan the title of thread screams "what the actual f+++" .


Why not oats which are cheaper?


Within the first two posts in this thread, I knew that some Bunny Bench tips were exactly what the OP needed.


Since we're discussing foods with little to no nutritional value, aren't potatoes much cheaper per calorie than bread?


Bread is the cheapest.


I think they meant the fat content in food, not the fat gained from eating the bread - at least that is the way I read it.


I read it the other way, but it is ambiguous. Regardless of what the OP actually meant, someone who says "I dont care about the fat" is a legitimate fool.




100grams of oats contain 60gram of carbs, and are a much better source than bread... and cheaper me thinks.


To turn this thread to a topic that might be somewhat interesting, yeah I think oats are probably the cheapest food by calorie--2 bucks where I'm living for 4.5k calories. (edit: forgot about EVOO, which is also pretty high up there).

Cheapest meat, at least that I can think of, is probably canned salmon--630 calories for $1.80



cheap way to bulk... don't do it with bread, lots of better ways


wut? x2