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Retarded 'Boot Camp'


So my friends g/f posted that she's going to do this bootcamp:



Heart-pumping cardio drills increase speed and endurance
Full-body muscle conditioning tones and tightens
Group relay races help motivate each other
Killer callisthenics for functional movements
Sports specific drills to remind you of your "glory days"
Obstacle courses and games for fun and agility"

I'm all for people getting in (better) shape, but the price of this shit is $280.00 for 4 weeks (4x/wk) which works out to about $18 a class. Jesus christ! I should sucker in these morons with words like "tighten" and "tone"

The thing that kills me is that she's in great shape and is trying to get her other friends (in good shape too) to do this.

My god some people are just fucking hopeless.

My gym charges me $40/mo and it has the same equipment and more to get that stuff done.

Mg god some people are just fucking stupid.


You'd be hard-pressed to get an hour session with a decent trainer for $18. Don't judge a program by its marketing either.


When you're in a bootcamp, you're not getting the trainer for the hour. You're lucky if you get much supervision at all, IMO.

The idea is to have a full class and few trainers as possible.

I never fathomed why people pay for a bootcamp, when group exercise classes are free.


Yeah, I got the dubious honor to go to a "bootcamp" for free one day. Wow what a shit show.

JF is right when he says you get essentially 0 training in that hour. All old mate trainer does is tell you what to do [ie. push ups, jungle gym etc] and then watches, yells and keeps time.

Once once did the little trainer guy comment on anyones form. Be it running form [we had people running with their head down, toe to toe etc.] or push up form [never more than 4" ROM except for me]. Dude didnt give a shit, or know shit.

the only thing you get is thoughtlessness. you literally dont have to think about anything because you get the luxury of being told what to do at all times. basically you dont have to think about what to do next. but then again that also happens when you pre-program yourself or hire a real strength/conditioning coach.

And mr push ups king trainer guy [we must have done over 200 push ups, well i did. everyone else did about 20 with their collected ROM] couldn't even do a 1 arm push up. FAIL. and the dude only weighed like 160. I was like 190 at the time [i think].

If you want to do a group class for cash then get a yoga membership. At least they are sticklers for technique.



Some people need to pay for motivation. It is sad but I understand.


It's all gonna be fun and games until she gets the fat kid on her team for the relay races...


Maybe she is doing it more so for social reasons.


Yeah, like getting away from her boyfriend. That's a social reason we all understand right there. :wink:


I can come up with cheaper ways to socialize.



That was not what I was expecting it to be.


Eh, I dont see a problem with making money off of people who are very willing to part with their cash.

Iv seen dumber training posted on these forums...and pretty regularly too.


I'm all for people getting in (better) shape, but the price of this shit is $280.00 for 4 weeks (4x/wk) which works out to about $18 a class. Jesus christ! I should sucker in these morons with words like "tighten" and "tone"

maybe you should...
l am a personal trainer and l have been to a few job interviews lately (first one is usually a group interview) l walk in look around, think to myself- you people want to be trainers... you look like you have never seen a gym. its like they woke up and thought hmm l might become a trainer


Unfortunately, IRL there are no beginner forums, nor stickies.


some people do wake up and think that. Good thing ACE is there to provide them with their dreams.