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Retard Question!!

Would it be okay to wash down the Mag-10 with a glass of water??? Yeah, yeah I know dumb question but I was always told not to drink anything till 30 minutes after I swallowed cough medicine because it would dillute or do something to the medicine. What do ya’ll think? Thank you and by the way don’t rip!

Yes, it’s okay. You can even mix it in water or a shake. Bill Roberts wrote that a while back. (He invented the stuff.)

I believe this will be fine for the mag-10 and has even been advised by some of the t-mag staff as to help with the taste.

orange juice helps as well.
if i don’t have time to mix i generally just use oj as a chaser.

You are told not to drink water after some/most cough meds since they are more contact operating and absorbed through the mucous lining of the throat. So water just washes it away, from where you want it to work, possibly delaying the time it starts to work. Thought you might like to know. Peace, Tmofa

You guys are to damn smart!!