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Retaining Water on Higher Carb/Bulk Macros

So…I’ve upped my carbs to around 500g on training days only (4 days per week). The other days are higher fat and roughly 150g carbs. I’ve noticed within the first week of doing so that I’m retaining a good amount of water in the midsection, particularly that bottom ab area…

I don’t intend to reduce my intake because I’m making great progress with the weights, and I don’t believe that I’ve gained actual fat. However, the bloat is a tad annoying.

Any suggestions? Perhaps up my water intake? Something of that nature?

had the same problem. i added a digestive support supp into my diet( NOW super enzyme) which definately helped decrease bloating/stomach cramping. since your eating quite a good amount of carbs mabye worth a try? and of course plenty of veggies and water

I am a fan of digestion enzyme supplements but don’t believe they will help with the water retention. The first thing I would try is to increase my water intake a bit (as you mentioned), and give it about a month.

Are you prepping for a show/competition of some sort? If not, just don’t worry about it and give it some time to see whether it just sorts itself out.

I am still failing to find your log of your training and diet with pics and videos. Where is this ellusive creature?

Also i have the same thing. 2 days of low carb and high water should flush it right out. I dont worry about. I did for a while but the strength gains in the gym are just too addicting.

I don’t think it’s really avoidable. I’m assuming that you’re still IFing. If that’s the case, and as long as you keep drinking a lot of water and hitting the bathroom, you should see the water retention get more reasonable by the time you are just about to come out of your fast (I’ve personally observed this lately).

High carbs tend to cause water retention unless you do crazy pre-contest type shit (manipulate water/salt intake, stop drinking fluids after accustoming your body to a high fluid intake), if I were you I’d just enjoy the leverage improvements from the bloat and not lose much sleep over it.


As many already stated, increasing water intake should help. Just give it some time to balance out.

I appreciate everyones advice and input as always! I’ve definitely been trying to up my water intake and have already noticed improvement. This might have actually been a good thing, because I now realize that I was really slacking on my water intake. I used to be at a gallon a day…and I know now, I definitely was not at a gallon of pure water per day before.

Definitely had no intention of dropping the carbs/calories…I really feel a vast difference in not only my gym performance, but also I feel “fuller” at all times. And…I’m not as ravenously hungry as I was before. I was certainly under eating. I will say that I’m glad to have adjusted now instead of spinning my wheels for months to come like so many before me have done before for fear of gaining body fat…