Retaining Mag-10 gains

I was thinking of buying some mag-10 but would appreciate feedback on how much of the weight gained during a 2 week cycle I would expect to retain, say 4 weeks later. I would also be interested on feedback from speed athletes. Did the mag-10 negatvely affect speed due to the rapid bodyweight rise, help, or make no difference.

re: speed, sprinting speed and vertical jump increased while post-workout soreness from sprints and plyos was less than usual…

What about size gains. If I was to lose my gains then my idea would be to take it to coincide with the end of my football season. Any loss of size/strength after I can bear.

Four weeks after my MAG-10 cycle I’ve retain all of my gains an the some. I kept gaining size and strength for a couple of weeks after the cycle. The only down side is I added some fat. My appetite is still in high gear. I still feel hungry most of the time. This stuff worked better than test for me.