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Retain Mass When Sick?

I already know prevention is the number one priority… but when all else fails…

Last two weeks I caught a nasty sinus infection that gave me incredible headaches. Weather change is a bitch. Just as i started to get better with antibiotics… I caught a beautiful stomach flu. Long story short, I missed about 12 days from the gym…and lost 5 lbs. Obviously it was not all muscle mass…

Anyone know what would have been the best way to retain as much mass as possible?
Any recommendations on getting my energy back UP asap for lifting?

I don’t know how to get your energy level back up, but the one thing is I wouldn’t worry about losing mass or anything. People get sick, they lose gut contents…because they simply eat almost nothing for a few days…that’d be why you lost weight. Less food in your GI tract.
Just enjoy the ‘time off’ and use your enthusiasm when you return to the gym to reach new heights!

I just a wrote an essay of a post and my computer froze, fuckin POS.

Anyway basically any weight loss you’ll experience due to sickness will more than likely return once you resume your regular eating habits. I lost 4kg in 8 days due to a migraine that put me in hospital and a stomach bug straight after that, it was lots of fun =).
But I put it back on as soon as I ate 6 meals a day again.


This is an article I read while ago and it has some ideas about training when sick and some tricks to speed up recovery. Give it a read you’ll probably learn something you didnt know before.

If its stomach related theres not much you can do just make sure your staying hydrated.

If you cant eat you cant maintain weight.

If its not stomach realated eat lots of carbs and good fats.