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Resveratrol, Warrior Diet and Mitochondrial Biogenesis


Above is the link to our new article entitled The Life Extension Pathway, Resveratrol etc. and Cancer Control: Mitochondrial Biogenesis Duality, the Metabolic Mechanism and Practical Applications. The Summary is SUMMARY STATEMENT: Cancer, heart disease and diabetes II, the
three largest killers of the first and second world nationâ??s human beings
(85%), and their disease antithesis, a healthy squirt from the fountain of
youth, are finally defined under a singular unifying global hypothesis.
Experimental molecular mapping proves that the regulatory pathway
mechanisms define it as a true, real and clinically demonstrated system for
the first time. Publicly available, practical and easily workable disease
blocking and life extension implementation are readily available to anyone.
There are three sections: ABSTRACT; PATHWAY MECHANISMS;



very interesting. Will check it out later en detail, thanks!


Very good, although difficult read for the first 10 pages for a moron like me.