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Resveratrol on CBS' 60 MIns


On tonight's 60 mins they interviewed these scientists who are studying the effects of resveratrol (Rez-V) and how it extends life and all those other good things.

Just wondering if anybody saw it...cause they were like "when will the public be able to get this product?" and the scientist said a couple of years or something. Which is obviously bullshit since we can get it.


The resveratrol supplements available now aren't potent enough. I suppose they would be like drinking a bottle of red wine per day, but to be effective science says you would have to drink 1,000 bottles a day.


I agree with reshumate. If you go to pubmed and look at the doses that are delivering the more impressive results, they're bigger than most of us can afford given what's currently available supplement-wise.


How do the doses compare to Rez-V?


(1) Rez-V and other high quality resveratrol supplements sure as hell give effects in humans.

Whether it is all through SIRT1 activation or other effects, likely in steroid systems is still up in the air. (It may even be the combination of both. [Don't tell them that though ok? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:])

Those guys might not even know who Biotest is..... it would be sad, but certainly possible pending the people.

Yes bioavailability and potency are low, but

(2) We could also see that more potent SIRT1 activators end up being harmful in humans over the long-term, and thus resveratrol (nature's product =0) might be the best option at the end of the day.


Here's the video:


From the video it looks like 30 capsules with 250mg per cap.

Rez-V is 3 tabs per serving at 600mg per serving.

I was looking at the Rez-V supplement facts and it says tabs, aren't these now caps (with nano disperse technology)??


I have read in several studies that 1mg is like one glass of wine. In that case a serving of Rez-V would be equivalent to 600 glasses of wine.

Personally I take one Rez-V every morning. I realize that is only 1/5 worth of the 1,000 glasses of wine but I still believe it provides benefit. Plus I have noticed an increase in libido.