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Resveratrol in New York Times

I have seen resveratrol frequently in the news lately, maybe because it is salient, or maybe because they keep discovering more about it.

The news station I listen to was reporting on the same discovery in that article you linked, and mentioned some pharmaceutical company looking into concentrating it into a pill. I laughed and shook my head while mumbling “stupid people.”

I mean, WTF is this:

While that article in the link has some donkey company with a Rez pill which contains:

Rez-V, readily available here, contains over double that. Sometimes it doesn’t seem the media puts too much effort into research. Maybe if they weren’t all a bunch of squishy girl guys they would know Rez-V is here.

Reservatrol mentioned today in Slate.

this is really cool. too bad we have no idea how much we have to take.

In related news, the shelves at Vitamin Shoppe labeled “Resveratrol” are empty. The barbaric hordes bought all of it.

Seriously. The salesguy said it’s been selling really well lately. The power of the media.