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Resveratrol - Estrogenic?


Yes, this is from wikipedia, yes i know that's not always a reliable source. Can anybody post a definitive answer to this though, can reservatrol stimulate breast cancer? Is it estrogenic?

Adverse effects and unknowns
While the health benefits of resveratrol seem promising, one study has theorized that it may stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells, possibly because of resveratrol's chemical structure, which is similar to a phytoestrogen.[63] [64] However, other studies have found that resveratrol actually fights breast cancer.[65][66] Citing the evidence that resveratrol is estrogenic, some retailers of resveratrol advise that the compound may interfere with oral contraceptives and that women who are pregnant or intending to become pregnant should not use the product, while others advise that resveratrol should not be taken by children or young adults under 18, as no studies have shown how it effects their natural development."[67]


I think it has to do with Resveratrol occupying the receptor site that estrogen would normally use, but it doesnt have estrogenic effects, so in a way it is anti-estrogenic. It says in the little blurb that is is similar to estrogen, so that seems to be right.


Like soy...?


The difference with soy proteins is that they actually contain estrogens...not estrogen like compounds, so when they bind to the receptor site they act just like estrogen would.

think of it like this, a cop is going around giving everyone tickets, but this cop is your buddy and can recognize your car. One day, he sees a car that looks just like yours and doesnt give it a ticket, and another day he sees a car that looks just like yours but it has a little scratch on it, so he does give it a ticket.

The 2 can both occupy the parking space, but only one of them has the same effect as your car would.

Maybe that analogy sucks, I dont know, but it seems to make sense.


I liked your analogy Lonnie


Somebody skipped analogy class I see.

For the rest of you, check the Rez-V product info for their explanation of how the reservatrol anti-estrogen effect works. I hope they're right. This is also supposed to be the miracle ingredient in red wine that keeps people living longer with less heart disease.