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Resveratrol Article

Interesting article from a Magazine I picked up today. It’s all done on mice but it mentions that the same pathways exist in humnas. REZ-V may do much more than we thought it did.


Although I only skimmed it, it seemed pretty damn interesting. Awesome article!

Sweet…lets all hope it pans out!

Nice. I am eager to see results on a population of non-obese mice, along with a trasposition of dosages. Mice take x for results A, humans take ?. Unfortunately, it may be that we need to eat 50.00 a day worth of it.

There are two groups in the infamous mouse resveratrol study. One took a dose equivelent in humans to 400mg, and I think the other was around 1600mg. REZ-V is 300mg per 3 cap serving.

Both groups showed positive results.

So pretty much everybody should be taking REZ-V.

[quote]Rise Anew wrote:
So pretty much everybody should be taking REZ-V.[/quote]

Probably true. There is plenty of evidence outside of the Biotest writeup to support using it daily. Hell, they could just link to a few of these articles for their writeup and sell truckloads I’m sure.

I’m at the point where money is starting to get tight in college, so I’m cutting my supps down the Flameout/Fishoil and REZ-V. Probably not the greatest “Performance Enhancers” but definitely the greatest health supps.

[quote]Rise Anew wrote:
So pretty much everybody should be taking REZ-V.[/quote]

Yeah, both the health and life extension aspects of resveratrol (once it was isolated as the active factor in red wine) have been in the literature for a while now…

It’s basically just all-around beneficial it seems. You won’t catch me without it!