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Resurrection of the Unkillable One

@ChongLordUno would have smiled today

10 rds
10 bw man makers + squat
10 chin ups

The man makers blew up my chest/shoulders and slowed me right down by round six. For my leverages, this is a real bang for my buck movement.

Now for some yoga


35 minutes of yoga - quick flow style.

App must have known my chest/shoulders were cooked because I swear 90% of this god damn flow was spent in downward dog to chattaranga (static pushup hold at 90 degree elbows)

Definitely challenging me in new ways


Those guns man. Unreal

Proud as punch mate

Have to second this. I know I always call out your quads because they are insane but your arms are looking tight mate.

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Honestly I think it’s just that my firearms are meaty around my elbow which gives the illusion of bigger arms haha. That and a nice form fitting tee shirt :joy:

Set up a decent enough home get up.

TRX for rows/pushups
Band for face pulls/tricep extensions
Ez bar for curls, tricep extensions, single arm BB rows.
Ab wheel
Bodyweight shiz

Unfortunately there’s no cover outside so if it’s raining then I’ve got no chin up or trx as was the case this morning haha.

Bunch of pushups/rows/curls and ab wheel

Wife is working from home so I’ll limit the burpees/man makers/jumping stuff to outside for her sake

I have meaty forearms too, thats now going to be my new excuse for why my biceps are crap!! I think with arms definition really matters, to me a slightly smaller but well defined arm is more impressive than a flabby big one.

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Time for Rd 2 of Pfizer. Didn’t get superpowers last time but still hopeful

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No sides from second dose. My mutant healing factor doing its thing.

20 minutes of

5 man makers W 3 squat chasers per ‘rep’
15 breaths
15 chin ups
15 breaths
5 man makers W 3 squat chasers
15 breaths
15 TRX rows
15 breaths
Repeat ad naseum

3 rounds of banded tricep pushdown and face pull/pull apart to burnout.

Choose discipline.
Choose to eat.
Choose to work out.
Choose to win.

We must be from the same genome, I had no effects positive or negative !!

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Forgotten to log the last two days

Lots of chins, burpees, ab wheel, navy seals and man makers

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Sounds like my kind of session big man

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when does your lock down end? gyms open any time soon ?

I think that were going to drop back to level 4 restrictions in a couple days but gyms are still closed during that. We usually roll back pretty quickly as long as testing stays high and positive cases stay low

I will hopefully find out today if our lockdown is going to lift. I am guessing even if it does there may be a gradual lift of some restrictions which will probably mean gyms open a little later.

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Not to turn this into a PWI thread, but what on Earth is going on down unda’? Oz seems to be in this perpetual loop with COVID.

Different states operate differently. SA has been pretty good, if we get any spreading we usually lock down for a week (only happened twice) and then things start ramping back up. But here it’s working well, obviously people still lose their minds but we’ve had very few deaths at all.
Before they opened up international arrivals we had no cases for ages and everything seemed back to normal. Just seeing how it all plays out I guess

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Ours lifts tomorrow midnight and then gyms reopen Wednesday but with strict distancing rules. Station gym will be open again though so while I’ll only have 165kg of bar weight to use I can get plenty done with that

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150 chins
300 pushups

Make up squat session of sorts to make up for the one missed due to lockdown

Conditioning 10 min emom
3 burpee
20 kB swing

Built to a few singles at 177.5kg

Strength rounds
5 jumps
Squat AMRAP W 177.5kg, 170kg, 150kg
Db stiff leg deads x8
4 db Curtis P’s

8 mins barbell reverse lunge
7 burpees per drop/rack/break