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Resuming Deca After 2 Weeks Off

Hi guys, I’m in the middle of a Test E 750 - Deca 500 cycle, planned to last 20 weeks.
Very good results and zero sides, I’m very very happy this time.

I’m on week 16, but on week 14 I had to stop Deca for 2 weeks (
business trip and forgot the DEca at home :man_facepalming: ). I just continued Test E.

Now, how con I resume the Deca? a little frontload like 700mg first shot and then 500/w for the last 4 weeks?

Thanks guys

Deca half life is like 14 or something days… which is quite long, so you probably still have plenty of it in your system. Remember deca works as little as 200mg/week, so frontloading is not necessary.

The other thing to consider is the point of 20 weeks, you probably gained as much as you physically can, assuming everything was on track. It is of your choice, but I personally just see no point in it.

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thanks. After my first Deca cycle (12 weeks) I learned that a minimum of 16 weeks for me are essentials with Deca.

That s the reason why I cycle it only with Test, and Mast or Bold, cause other compounds seems too much on a 20 weeks plan.

I respond very well to Deca, minimal psychological sides. Next time will be test-deca-primo, but on a 16 weeks it seems a bloodbath on the wallet with primo… we’ll see

I really don’t see a reason to go and double the dose with you resuming. I wish the old steriodcalc was still up so I could crunch the numbers on what I will put out there. IF and I mean IF you are just super worried about fluctuation in your levels then maybe a 1.5 times dose would be okay but that is only if you had something in your past experience that leeds you to believe you don’t seem to handle fluctuating levels as well as you would like. When I say some sort of something from your past I mean like you just know you act crazier than normal the first couple of weeks of the cycle and break out like they left the gate open and you have been locked up for 20 years for something you did not do and all of your appeals are gone so you have no more hope.

Other than that, the earlier comment covered it. Deca has a long half life and really I would take this lower deca level time to see if you notice a libido difference when you just continued the test. That info could help you adjust future ratio levels.

Keep in mind I tend to try and learn from everything that happens on my journey.

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