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Resuming an Abandoned Cycle

I am 5’7
30 Yrs old
165 lbs
~10% bf
training 8 yrs
1st cycle

This is obviously my first post in the forum section but I have been an avid T-Nation visitor for some time. I recently began a cycle of Test E based on the recommendations of a friend at the gym. I did two injections of Test E 250 mg/ml and Deca 100 mg/ml E3D before I really began reading this forum closely and realized that the information and advice he had given me was crap. It basically amounted to him saying I should take saw palmetto while on and the use tribulus for recovery. So I had no SERM or AI on hand, and when I asked him what he did about it he just shrugged. I have also decided that I don’t want to include deca in my first cycle.

Needless to say I abandoned the cycle immediately and acquired some Nolva and Adex from a research company online using the recommended internet searching techniques found on this site.

I am in my third week of PCT which is going

Nolva: 40/20/20
Adex: .2mg ED (liquid solution comes 1mg/ml)

I am dividing the daily dose in half and taking 2x per day for full amount

I was feeling like crap before I got the AI running and feel that the SERM is doing it’s job as well. Libido is back at full strength (was dead), mood swings are gone and testicle size is back to normal. I am going to drop the adex when I drop the Nolva.

My question is this; how long do I need to wait to resume the cycle, which will be

wk 1-6 Test E 250mg E3D
wk 9-12 Clomid (Day 1 150)then 100/50/50/50 respectively
wk 1-12 Adex .3mg ED (liquid) adjust upward as necessary
Nolva on hand for gyno

I had planned on waiting 3 weeks after my PCT to try and resume but realize this may not be enough and wanted to get the opinions of those who know. Thanks

I’d drop the Adex now… and continue with the clomid, that’ll be fine.

You only did 1 week of the cycle… waiting 3 weeks after your PCT should be ample… make sure your libido and cock strength is high and hard before you start up… if you are not 100%, give it a little longer.

IME deca wont cause issue to that extent for such a small amount used for so short a time… and if deca doesnt, test is unlikely to (especially with AI and SERM use).

Clomid and nolvadex are the same drug type… and are interchangeable. Adex is for gyno, ie. estrogen control… not nolvadex or clomid.

You may find that 0.5mg of adex is needed for the cycle of just under 600mg/wk.

You would also do well to inject a larger dose on the first day, to achieve peak levels fast… try 700mg that first shot, then continue with 250 E3D thereafter. You wont be disappointed. If you are concerned about the high dose, realise it is no more than what the drug will build to eventually… and 0.5mg adex will cover any estrogenic sides you may get.

Kudos for reversing what started badly and coming up with a well researched cycle plan. I think you could start the planned cycle almost immediately with little (or no) negative effect. Once you finish the newly planned cycle, you should stay off for at least 2-3 months.

Thanks for the prompt replies. Brook and Dynamo you are definitely two of the guys who I was hoping would be able to offer me some insight on this. I’ll definitely hit the frontload on the first day for the test. I have noticed you often recommend it in your other posts. I’ll also go ahead and drop the Adex.

Thanks for the info/clarification on the Adex/nolva for gyno also. I thought I had read on here somewhere that when gyno pops up you need to start running nolva while continuing the cycle. I’ll disregard and plan on upping adex in that case instead. Thanks again guys, the work you do on this site is amazing.

I’ll take any Deca nobody wants LOL