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Hi all, competed at WSA Counties on Saturday (second meet) and I'm quite pleased with the results (in the 90kg class aged 15, raw belt only):

SQUAT: 1. 175kg
2. 182.5kg
3. Miss

BENCH: 1. Miss 115kg (didn't wait for command)
2. Miss 115kg ("not one movement")
3. 115kg

DEADLIFT: 1. 180kg
2. 190kg
3. 202.5kg
...For a 500kg total, which was my goal for this comp. Recovered well from problems on bench (spotters kept unracking the bar too low) and a big PR on deadlift (going from being a weak point to a strength after switching to semi-sumo). Halfway to 1000kg total! Lol. Plenty of work to do yet...


Great job!! Congrats on getting the goal you set. You are way the hell ahead of where I was at 15 :(, and I wish I had started that early. keep working hard, it will pay off.


i wish i was that strong at 15... I think I could bench like 95lbs for 8 reps


Good start, keep at it

At 15 I weighed 115 pounds and had a sand filled set of weights. My "workout" consisted of overhead pressing from the floor up to a max (which was about 85 pounds) everyday followed by several sets of curls.- the end.


Lucky you! I couldn't even bench 95lb.

The year before, the PE teacher asked me to move a 45lb weight to the weight room and I had to roll it there because I couldn't pick it up lol.


Thanks all, I'm probably going to compete in December and then at the beginning of next year in the GBPF Junior British. Not sure whether to try out single ply for that, as the British Classic (raw) isn't until autumn... Might be interesting, just not sure if it's practical, so maybe wraps only? We'll see.


ahaah thats great.