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I recently started a whole new weight training regimen and i am wondering if I am going to get poor, fair, good, or excellent results. First, my specifics, I am 16, weigh in at a whopping 145 lbs, have an extremely fast metabolism and am 5’9" tall.
Next, diet and scheduling-
6:00am - stumble out of bed
7:00am Breakfast - 1 bowl of cereal
1 container of yogurt
an apple
1 serving of “Myoplex Deluxe”
1 serving “Phosphagen HP”
mixed with 12 oz of 2% milk
11:45am Meal 2 - Ham or turkey sandwich
1 carrot
1 Can of tuna fish
16 oz 2% milk
3:30pm Meal 3/after school snack -
2 large eggs
1 apple
1 carrot
4:30pm Workout (GVT 2000 program followed to the letter including tempo)
5:45pm 1 serving “Myoplex Mass” mixed with 12 oz 2% milk
6:30pm meal 4 Dinner -
some sort of meat slab
broccoli or corn
12 oz oragne juice
8:30pm meal 5 - 1 serving “Myoplex Deluxe”
Go to sleep at 9:00pm
any suggestions or feed back would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, I don’t want to hear you say that i should be taking Biotest supplements…I KNOW i should be taking them instead of EAS but believe me, I’ve tried and i can’t. My parents will only let me buy things from stupid GNC. You can rest assured that i will be using them in college though.
Thanks everyone Brian VW

Everything you do sounds great except i would not let more than 2.5 hours pass without eating and with such a fast metabolism you might want all your protein drinks to be myoplex mass.