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Results Without Suplements?


I've been searching around many wieghtlifting websites , I'm planning to go full out on a program in the new year ( right now deciding on which to do ) but due to cash limitations and just because I live with my parents I cant really invest in the supplements ( still also kinda weary about popping a ton of pills as many sites seem to suggest) .

Can you still gain mass and muscle without the supplements , are they really needed ? I'm going to be taking some protien but thats basically it , is that all I really need? Thanks for the advice


Definately! A protein powder is the only thing I would recommend. By the way, how old are you?


here's all you need to get results:

1) kick ass in the gym
2) eat ALOT
3) sleep ALOT


DPH summed it up nicely.


isn't it sad that a question like this is even asked?

firefruze, im not harping on you, and many of us used to believe these ludicrous things, but people were getting huge long before 'supplement' was even a word.


There's a reason they're called "supplements". If you couldn't get results without them, they'd be called "necessities".

If you're not getting results from your diet and training alone, no supplement in the world will help. If you are getting results, supplements may give you a bit extra.


fire, you can. The only supplement i use are protein shakes and not because they are necessary, it boils down to convinience, when i don't have time to make a meal i make a protein shake :).

Listen to DHP, he has the magic formula.


to answer haramdars question I'm 18 .... and DPH's advice is pretty easy the last 2 steps I do anyway lol. Thanks for the advice .


What has the supplement industry done to our youth of today? Now they believe in not being able to acheive phenomenal results without supplements.Supplements supplement our nutrition/workout plan.That is why we call them supplements. Workout hard(be a beast in the gym),eat a lot of whole foods,and get plenty of rest!


You dont even have to eat meat...

*disclaimer - Not claiming that a vegetarian lifestyle is for everyone and/or is optimal.



but it sure does help!