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Results With Waterbury's ABBH Program...

What’s up nation? It’s about that time for me to try something a little different for a program and I quite intrigued by Chad Waterbury’s Anti-BB Hypertrophy program.

So much of what we read is that you should only work a body part once a week… and the prospect of upping the frequency per week and making serious gains is attractive.

I’d like to get some discussion going on
1)Based on recovery speed and 2)training to failure vs not how many times should we train a body part per week?

There was a thread on this in the dog pound a while back in which Chad participated, and the consensus seemed to be that if you are motivated to train a body part again, go ahead and do so. The key factor to consider is central nervous system recovery; as long as your CNS has recovered, go ahead and train again. If training the same body part within 24-48 hours of a previous session, be sure to hit it with a different stimulus. For instance, if you pumped out 5x10 in the bench press on Monday, you may want to try 4x15 or 10x4 on Wednesday.


Thanks Joel!

As usual, you are most timely with great info.