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Results with WaLRUS Training


Does anyone else follow Wendlers Walrus program exclusively? I live in the UK so the gyms have been closed on and off this year so have had to train at home, I had access to some equipment in my garage but recently have had to give up the space for storage. I have been following Jim Walrus style training for the last few weeks and plan to continue over the winter. I’d be interested to here results anyone has had running this style of training for a decent period of time?

Can you share your routine please? How many days, exercises, sets reps etc.?
Do you have the forever book? There is a whole section in there

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Workout A

KB Cleans 50 total reps
Push Ups 50 total reps
Chins 25 reps

Workout B

KB Squat 50 total reps
Dips 50 total reps
Fat Man Rows (done on dip bars) 50 total reps

Workout C

Lunges 50 total reps (each leg)
Push ups (using handles) 50 total reps
Pulls ups 25 total reps

I have a weighted vest which i have started to add some weight to now.

Each workout starts and finishes with band work

Pull aparts
Band press
Band squats

I also add in some curls and ab work too.

Training 3 or 4 x a week.

Yes i have the forever book, i’ve also got all of the 531 E books, i used 531 for years and had some good results, although ive had to adapt training in recent years having 2 slipped discs and a reconstructed cruciate ligament in my left knee

I use WaLRUS training but haven’t done a program using it exclusively. Jim says he trains like this now, so it must be effective. I think what you’ve laid out would work quite well. It will be much easier on the body than heavy barbell work, and done circuit-style will be effective for conditioning.

As a side note, I have switched to using KB work as my main work, and then bodyweight as “assistance”. Just to change things up and keep things fresh. The Pavel KB program calls for 100 swings and 10 get ups, and then I do about 10-15 min of bodyweight work - like 100 push ups and 50 pull ups.


Hi Nick

I’m from brum, UK.

An old deadlift spinal injury that i initially had recovered from randomly came back and kept bothering me after having kids, so I ditched barbell lifts and stuck with Walrus only. Have done so on and off for years. but 2020 has solely been Walrus and so will 2021.

Nothing has made me feel so supple, mobile, fit, strong and in c ondition. I feel ready to take on anything and feel half my age. The training doesn’t kill me and I’m ready to hit it again on a one on, one off schedule.

I’d rather that than having a heavy day with the barbell but paying for it for a few days with niggles here and there and soreness etc.

Sessions are:
Agile 8 and 3x5 jumps or med ball throw.
Walrus with 20kg vest.
6 min mile or 10 min of hills.

Normally done in 30-40 min total.

Easy and effective mate. My goal is double reps with 20kg vest. So aiming for 50 pull ups. 100 pullups and 100 squats with 40kg DB when I test this Xmas.

My barbell and plates are sadly in the corner collecting dust.

Keep the Walrus up, it’s definitely worth it.


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Thanks mate - The kettle bell program sounds interesting, struggling to find places with them in stock at the moment though, i really want to get a few more heavier ones

Hi Aaron, sounds like a similar injury to me, I’d did mine deadlifting. I did it back in 2014 and have never been able to get back to deadlifting the same weight pre injury. Got pissed off with aggravating my discs and not being able to pick the kids up or walk some days!

I think I’ll keep training at home for the time being using the WaLRUS program, there’s loads of different variations so pretty adaptable, keeps things interesting. You’re managing to get some decent reps in there.

I used to do agile 8 before all my workouts, haven’t done it for a while which I think I may well add back in.

Can I ask, where did you get your vest from and which one you got? I picked mine up for Aldi (of all places!!), it goes up to 10kg but it’s going to need replacing soon

Hi Nick,

I did mine 2012. Followed 531 for 4 years to the letter but got bigheaded, joined a Power lifting club, and paid price for pushing too fast, too soon.

Exactly like you, couldn’t play with kids or walk some days. So Walrus is way now.

I’m lucky to have dip bars and a pull up bar in garage but spend a lot of my training in local playground - kids play for 30mins + and I Walrus away on playground equipment with my vest on.

Recommend Agile 8, do it every morning,and use it before training. Has helped with back and hip tightness.

I have an RDX weight vest 18kg but I’ve attached tiny plates inside to make total 20kg.

It’s lasted best part of 3 years in all weather!

My mate recently began Walrus training too and bought a 30kg JLL vest that I’m looking at too. He’s a beast though ha. But it helps having something heavier to slowly work up to over the months or to test with once in a while.

I managed to by some dip bars from Mirafit a week or so into first lock down and have a door frame pull up bar, dented the paint work but small price to pay.

I’ll looked into the vest, cheers :+1:t2:

Is there a Walrus ”template” in the Forever book?

I like that kind (walrus) of training but I’m curious how Jim program it.

Or is walrus run exclusively with no barbell work?

The book (forever) is ordered and on its way!

Good purchase - The book will explain more. It can be used on its own or as accessory work after the main lift.

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@Nick_11 How have you been finding this programme? Currently doing some other kettlebell based work (Pavel T & Dan John) but wanting to move back to Wendler’s stuff.

I’m from the UK too, so I’ve hardly set foot in a gym since March!

I’m UK and recently got a weight vest. I have a barbell at home but no rack. My next six weeks will be my own mix of 531 BBS and Walrus style work.

Mid week barbell will be 5 pros: press, row, power clean and deadlift.
Weekend barbell will be BBS for press and deadlift. With rows and accessories supersetted. I know this works, just done 10 weeks and had great PRs.

2 days of walrus/kB combo whenever in the week. with some rucking, biking and running when the weather allows. Looking forward to what the weight vest work gives me.


Going well thanks, feeling like strength is coming back up and joints feel a lot less sore.

how often do you guys train legs with “direct” leg movements like DB squat, bulgarian split squat etc. when you train WALRUS style?
How many times per week? Sets, reps, weight?

I do bodyweight squats, 5x25 on Monday and Thursday, but more than two times per week is not doable, I can´t recover, but I´m coming from years of layoff through diseases…

What are your experiences?

Sorry to hear you’ve been unable to train, walrus would be a great way to get back into things in my opinion.

I do 3 times a week, 50 reps per session, made up from 5 sets of 10 reps. Lunges, db squats and Kb cleans, all with a weighted vest on, nothing heavy at the moment, my weight vest only goes to 10kg so will need to upgrade soon.

The initial program is in the 5/3/1 Forever book under the “Wendler Classic” program. He also has some articles on his website with more details. He isn’t recently did one that gives 7 different variations:


Thanks for posting this, I’ve been mixing barbell and Walrus these last few weeks.

As I work out in my garden and it’s winter here with temperatures around freezing I moved away from pr sets as I can’t stop moving. I’ve been using the 75/85 volume template from beyond on days I can get outside and Walrus on days I can’t. Very flexible programming and lots of sub max volume, no idea if it’ll work it’s not a combo that Jim has suggested.