Results with Test/Anavar/Dbol Stack?

Any of you have good results with this stack? I’m going to run 500mgs of test per week while running it. I planned on running the stack for 4 to 5 weeks. I have heard good things with the var assisting with the water retention from the Dbol. I have had good results when I ran Dbol/test but water retention was an issue (not terrible but annoying). Near the end of my 4 week cycle I was short of breath from easy cardio type tasks.

I was going to run an AI every other day. I determined this from blood tests from my prior cycle (before and middle of cycle). Any additional advice on what I can run (or need to run) to assist with liver and blood pressure?

Thanks all.

What is your proposed layout for this ‘stack’?

Take blood pressure weekly and give blood once or twice a month next time. AAS drives up your RBC count. Which is great… until it isn’t.

Both Anavar and Dianabol are hepatoxic. So the only 4-5 weeks with 2 orals is probably a good call. Get blood tests to assess liver damage and run TUDCA with the cycle.

If you had such a good time with test and dbol, except for the water retention and want to try anavar instead… why not just run test + anavar this time?

This does seem logical. Plus two orals … meh.

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Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. I’m leaning more towards rolling with just the Var and Test. I may run MK-677 For the entire 15 week cycle as well. I’ll run the Var for maybe 6 weeks.

Side question: with the MK 677 I get the appetite increase like crazy. It works great for me but that’s the only thing that I would say is a negative. Anyone have any recommendations for an appetite suppressant while on that?

The ephedrine in Bronkaid cuts mine pretty well. But watch your BP already being on test and other things. Ephedrine causes tachycardia for sure and increased blood pressure in some people.

Alternitavely plain green tea and adding more fiber/protein/fat to each meal so it literally sits in the gut longer.

Ephedrine is fairly addictive (methamphetamine analogue)… dependence potential roughly equivalent to amphetamine

Genetic predisposition and current mental state/presence of past trauma will greatly dictate how liable you are in relation to getting addicted. I know of a few people who have had to kick ephedrine… it’s fairly difficult (supposedly)

I’ve tried it before, along with some designer pre workouts that are/were banned at the time… I vehemently dislike all of them… each to their own I suppose