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Results With Poliquin


Has anyone used, or had any success with Poliquin's CD series, his arms book, or his modern strength book? What were your results? Thanks!


About 5 years ago, I used the original German Volume Training to put on size. I never blew up so big, so fast. I'm sure the advanced protocal is just as good.


I just finished the Advanced GVT 2 weeks ago... I put on about 5-7 pounds of lean mass but I got bored during the 4th week.


i'm currently on phase 6(of 6) in his winning the arms race and all I can say is "woah" I've always had the abiiity to develop my arms but when I bought the book my arm development went to a whole other level, he had me doing things I have never done. Hell my 57 year old father even did it and is seeing gains


I have had great success with the 1-6-1 and his Cluster training. Both put size and strength on me. Can't beat that, can't beat that with a stick.