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Results with Nioxin?


I remember reading on this site a few people have actually had success holding onto hair, whether while on gear or not, when using the shampoo. But for those of us looking at more and more in the drain each day, has it worked at all?

And now the "shave it" responses begin...


Haven't used Nioxin, but Nizoral 2% (prescription only) worked really well for me. Pretty cheap, too


Apparently their pretty similar, although I've heard of results by alternating both. Thanks for the response, pimpbot.

anyone else?




I cannot survive without Nioxin. I would be a cue ball right now, had I not been using the last 7 years. It stops the Testosterone to DHT conversion that makes you lose hair....regardless of gear or not. Assume the more test you have the more nioxin is critical.

It works. If you pull the clamped ends of your fingers through your hair and find a lot of strands in it...this will go away with nioxin.

I use it...it stays...I don't...it goes. You don't need scalp therapy and drops...just the cleanser works fine for me, but if you have the cash, throw it all at that vile male pattern baldness some of us poor souls are stricken with.


And it's a great reason to walk into Ulta or some big chick beauty warehouse and pick up on all the chicks while you shop for stuff to stop your balding.......


Would using Nioxin screw with your hormones in a bad way? Are there any negatives to using it?


Not that I know of. It just stops the DHT from effecting your hair follacles.

It won't grow more hair, but stops the shed.


Rockscar, I remember reading your thoughts on Nioxin. I appreciate your input and hope your experience mirrors mine.

On a scale from 1 (Blagojevich) to 5 (Vin Diesel), where were you in losing your hair when you started with it?