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Results with HMB?

Anyone have any results using HMB?

wow i posted this back in 10/07 and not a single response. well perhaps after 9 months someone who’s tried HMB would like to comment.

[quote]1morerep wrote:
wow i posted this back in 10/07 and not a single response. well perhaps after 9 months someone who’s tried HMB would like to comment.[/quote]


Ive tried it, i think went through 1 bottle, maybe two full containers. Did not experience enough results to warrant the cost.

It did help training in some ways, but if beta-alanine is all its cracked up to be that might be a better option.

It’s way more cost-effective to supplement with leucine than it is with HMB. HMB is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I went through a bottle and didn’t notice a whole lot. From what i have been reading, HMB is effective at 6-12 grams a day. Therefore, if you were to buy, say EAS brand HMB, one bottle for 40 bucks would last a little more than a week.

To see results were talking over 100/month for HMB. For 100 dollars, I can buy 1,000 grams of BCAA on T-Nation.

I had some in a tub of a recovery formula that had monohydrate, BCAAs, carbs & HMB. There was too little to make a difference, the company was just riding the hype to put it on the label.

thanks guys for your input.

I took years ago and really couldn’t tell you if it did anything.

I know that it’s one of those “on paper” supplements that looked great but never really proved anything in the real world.

I have come across some researchers who do swear by it though, and they say that it’s about as effective as taking BCAAs…the only downside is that it tastes really bad, and the quantity that would yield a good result is quite expensive.

So what that tells me is that HMB is great, but for as long as Creatine, BCAAs, and now Beta Alanine are cheaper in price, there’s really no good reason to replace any of those three with HMB.

A couple of years ago before I discovered T-Nation, I was in an EAS phase and tried out muscle armor as soon as it came out. It had a good amount of HMB in there, but I did not notice too much of a difference. Plus it was way too pricey.

I read somewhere that HMB was used to help AIDS patients recover muscle mass, which probably explains the high price.

Remember MetRx with HMB? I actually like this stuff though I remember it was expensive. As for the capsule they did nothing. You would probably be better off spending your money on a good protein powder or some BCAAs.

Check out the November 2008 issue of Iron Man Magazine. It has what I felt to be a fair and balanced look at HMB.

Not seeing any significant diff since adding to my current stack…