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Results With Biotest Supps?


hey, ive hurd really good things about Surge, Flameout, BCAA's, etc...

but dose anyone have any real results with any of these products?

and if so what were ur results, what products did you take along with it, and how long did it take for results?

also is this legit, like if i order something from this site, am i goin to get it? (not to take anything away from it)

thanks -Flash-


Surge - After training with it, you won't want to train without it. Seriously.

Flameout - Everyone needs to be taking fish oil. Bye, bye joint pain!

BCAA's - A great addition. Knocks out DOMS and really helps to maintain muscle mass while dieting. When I've reduced calories, they help keep my energy levels up and a better pump, even with fewer carbohydrates.

No, I haven't kept any "hard data" about these supplements, but I consider them to be staples, and use them all the time.

This site legit? You bet your ass. You'll be hard pressed to find a company with better customer service than Biotest.


Never had a problem with any order I've placed using this site. Probably 20 orders in the last 3 years.


Short answer: Biotest has stood up to my finicky, picky, and jaded view of the supp business. They are no.1 in customer satisfaction. I have been ordering from them over 2 years now, and my shipments are always on time and I have never had a problem with products ordered. You can rest assured that any of the staple products they make is high quality and may change your views on previous favorites of yours.

Biotest is my go-to company hands down.


I live in australia, got my first order from them a week or two ago, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Took me a while to summon up the courage to buy like 6 tubs of protein without trying any (to make the shipping worth while) but it turned out just fine.


I'm going to go ahead and mention Spike as well. Works wonders.


Sounds like another newb looking for a magic bullet...


nah ive been training for 4 years now.
im doing some semi-extensive reaserch on supplements and internet sites..
im not saying im a "pro" or even close to one as far as weight lifting but i have a decent idea and concept of lifting while using supplements. I have used cyto sport material, armagedon, and various creatines and ZMA's along with many other powders.

im simply trying to find something a little more.. i dont know the term to use.. "hard hitting" then the stuff you find in GNC. Im looking for supplements that arent going to be a "Magic bullet" but are going to be more intense then cytosport, and GNC brand stuff.


Define 'Intense'. Most of the stuff you find here will be better QUALITY (and likely taste better), however I'm not quite sure what you actually mean by intense.


If you are "in tune" with your body, and notice even small changes in mood, recovery, etc...then you you will notice the effect of supplements such as Surge. As for energy, Spike and HRX are great, Power Drive actually had no effect on me.

In my opinion, Biotest make quality supplements that if used correctly, work the way supplements should work; they give you an extra push in the right direction.


i tend to think that Metabolic Drive low carb instead of Surge works better for post work out when orange juice or something of the sort is added to it. plus you can use it for snacks and stuff. anyone else feel the same?


I have used Biotest supps pretty much exclusively for almost five years now. My staples are Metabolic Drive, Surge, Creatine, BCAA's, BETA-7, Flameout, and REZ-V. Others like HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, and Carbolin 19, are cycled at different times. You can check out my blog for my workout history and I have a couple pics of me there. Nothing earth shattering, but I think I'm in decent shape for a thirty seven year old guy who who wants to look and feel good and be able to move when needed.



LOL, no!

Seriously, while Metabolic Drive is better than nothing after a workout, it is definitely not ideal; you need to be taking in fast protein and carbs.


Look at my avatar....

Results were amazing when combined with a proper diet and a workout routine all geared towards a specific goal. I have used Surge pre&post workout, Metabolic Drive (Low-Carb and Complete), REZ-V, HOT-ROX Extreme, and of course the Metabolic Drive protein bars are pretty good.

Just remember supps only help when you have everything else in order. You can take the best stuff in the world but it won't help you if your diet/routine is crap.....

Yes Biotest has awesome customer service and the quality of their products is second to none.



[b]PeterD wrote:

Results were amazing when combined with a proper diet and a workout routine all geared towards a specific goal[/b]

This needs to be restated.

And for the original poster:

Biotest has been around for a long time. They have consistently been on the cutting edge of nutrition and supplementation, and they are guided by an extremely well rounded philosophy that I like to think includes the best worlds of science, art, power and uber awesomeness. They have hosted this bad-ass website for something like ten years now, with an online magazine boasting a shitload of the best training, nutrition, pharmacology, motivational, and lifestyle articles ever written.

Most people still fail to appreciate the wealth of information available to them in that regard, choosing instead to congregate on these forums and ask questions whose answers can be found by reading; reading, that glorious activity which empowers the reader with the know-how and the ability to improve just about any aspect of his or her life on his or her own. Their customer service is quick, fast, and in a hurry, and [u]Goddamnit Metabolic Drive is THE best tasting protein shake on God's green earth.[/u]

If you're still unconvinced, fuck you.

Just kidding. But seriously.

Just kidding. They're the best man, you won't be disappointed.

And before anyone accuses me of slobbing Biotest's knob...Hell yeah I am, and when I'm done I'll ask for more!


Jaded? Realistic, you mean.
I don't know which other field is worse than the supplement industry, in terms of bullshit peddlers, con artists, downright liars and assholes. Maybe politics?

But yeah, so far so good - with Biotest it's "what you see is what you get". My bullshit detector rarely went into yellow, and never so far went into red.

Intensity is not the problem. Avoiding bullshit is the problem.
Heck, even this search for "intensity" w.r.t. supplements is something made up by the awful shameless way the supp industry advertise their stuff. Read: lies, lies and more lies.

The only way to stay sane is to become a supplement geek and learn as much as you can. Just choose your sources wisely.


While everyone has pretty much espoused my opinion on the supps here, I will mention that the Chocolate Chunk Metabolic Drive bars are second to NONE in the protein bar category. Seriously candy-bar delicious with an amazing protein profile (Micellar Casein in the bar)


I recently gave Muscle Milk a try at the urging of a friend. Not being one to rip something without trying it, I gave it a shot. I'll say this, it doesn't come close to Surge, in results or taste. I won't try to replace Surge for awhile. Don't make the same mistake I did, this company is the real deal.


yea i wasent a fan of muscle milk either...

i was looking at the store. which is better?

Metabolic Drive protein shake,
or Metabolic Drive Complete?

and also has anyone used Beta-7? and if so how was the experience with it?


Complete if you aren't on a low carb diet, Low-Carb if you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Never used Beta-7