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Results with Beef Protein


This thread is to register what's your take and your results on beef protein. I'm currently trying it but it's just less than 2 weeks.

I would like to see if there's some noticeable difference between normal whey and beef on the members that are taking it, or if you know somebody who has/had any results.

FYI, I drink 5 pounds of whey every 2 weeks, maybe much for some, but peanuts for others. But 2 and a half pounds a week can be a good amount to notice any change in digestion, training, overall size, etc...

For better input please include how much protein you consume normally.

Thanks in advance.


my younger brother has been using beef protein for the past few months, and has gotten significantly bigger and has experienced a pretty drastic body recomp

i'm pretty sure he has kept everything else pretty much the same.


Do you mean to entirely replace whey protein with beef? I wouldn't advise this.

Keep whey protein for post workout and between meals.

That being said, in the last year I've switched from Chicken-dominant meals to beef dominant meals, and have had excellent gains thus far in my winter bulking campaign.

Best of luck, and sorry if my answer completely missed the mark haha,


I am noticing changes also, but I also recently upped training intensity. The trainer at my gym took me as a "protege" and the sessions are pretty brutal. I was very doubtful if it was the training, the protein, the switch between proteins or all of 'em, thanks for the input.


I made like a combination this 2nd week between the remnants of a bottle and like half of the beef prot, so it's like 75% beef 25 whey. Another point is that unless it's worth it I'll continue it's use, the dilution is not the same, nor the taste.


You're talking about beef protein powder?

Or just eating beef?

I typically take in 1.5 lbs of beef a day and get 40-50 grams of protein from powders on training days. Add in the eggs and anything else I eat, I roughly get in 250 grams of protein from solid food. ~300 with powders plus humapro.

I'll put it this way, I am growing better now than when I was living off powders which is when I got pretty fat and was definitely not getting muscle gains that were worth the bodyfat increases.


The powder man. I'm also an advocate of eating steak and eggs before chicken, also like white fish because you can down quite a lot and pretty fast in one meal. I tried 6 whole eggs with ground beef today (not precisely an omelette), and it was pretty nice.


Alright draculas, getting late. Hope the thread doesn't need a bump by tommorrow.


Good that's what I thought, but I think PAIN was thinking you were talking replacing whey powder with beef as steak/ground etc.


most beef protein are not even beef really...they are hydrolyzed gelatin protein isolates...

gelatin is derived from collagen...collagen is in connective tissue/bones...it is a poor protein source...

look at the amino acid scores...


whole egg


Personally, beef protein isolate would need to have some close to steroidal effects for me to put up with that smell every day. I don't know how anyone does it. All the variations I've tried smelled like rancid meat. My dog wouldn't even touch it.


the powder in most instances is horrid tasting mixing. i do like and use the same company's 50 g shot of raspberry flavored beef protein, primarily on legs or back day.

the reason: on grueling days replenishment and creating abundance is paramount. if i slug down 50+ g of whey post work out it's difficult to eat a big meal anytime soon thereafter. if i bang down a shot of 50g beef protein + some waxy i can still get home and eat a big PWO meal sooner than later.

my 2cents, i like it in shot form, two swigs 50g and i'm moving on.

have i grown??? i'm still sitting @ about 210-215 but i'm leaner now than i was last yr.


Thanks for the responses guys. I think the timeframe to try something and see if it works in bodybuilding is like 3 months to see significant changes, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see, or switch to hydrolized whey when fed up.