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Results with Alpha Male/Methoxy-7

hey, i know that there are threads about Alpha Male and Methoxy, but could some of you that have used these products post your real-world, quantifiable results? just looking for what to expect…thanks.

Your results will depend on your diet and your workout regimen. For best results do a search on Dr. John Berardi (Massive Eating, Massive Eating Reloaded, Don’t Diet among others) and use any of the programs available here (ABBH, Quattro Dynamo amog others). Also, Dr. Berardi has an ecellent new book out, From Scrawny to Brawny. There is no “magic” pill, what you put into it, is what you will get out of it. Other people’s results are basically irrelevant.

I have been using Alpha Male for three weeks 5x2 cycle, as a PCT agent subsequent to a MAG-10 cycle. I have had an easier time maintaining strength and intensity in the gym, as opposed to not using anything.

I’ve used the old and new encapsulated Methoxy-7 and don’t respond well to it unless I double dose. This also applies to the nano dispersed delivery version. My hope is that Biotest can find a way to increase the serving dosage without it being cost prohibitive. Methoxy-7 IS effective at the right dosing parameters, under the assumption that diet and training are dialed in.

I’ve noticed that doubling the dosage of Methoxy-7 has given me some seriously rock hard biceps. Since I’m bulking, I can’t say that it’s making me look really cut, because of the extra fat that inevitably ends up on the body. But I don’t look super-soft either.

Doubling the dose was an experiment, because I’m usually fairly non-responsive to most medications and supps. I’ll probably go back to a smaller dose after I’m done with QD, and some cutting I’ll do after. I think it will be really beneficial for cutting.

I did a six week cycle of the first version of Alpha Male along with M. I was very impressed with the results that I got from that cycle. I gained about 8-10 lbs of scale weight and my strength went up quite a bit on every lift. Unfortunatly, I didn’t meet my calorie requirements on the vast majority of non training days. Which was due to laziness, or sleeping through my first meal. If I would have consistently consumed 4,000 calories a day like I was supposed to, I feel that my gains would have been even better. I will also say that I like the way Alpha Male makes you feel. Like many, I noticed an increase in confidence, aswell as feeling more dominante then usual. Alpha Male is a very approperiate name for the product, that is exactly what it makes you feel like.

As far as Methoxy-7 is concerned, I have only taken it in combination with MS HOT-ROX, while I was cutting. I felt that I had good pumps despite being carb depleated. I also felt like I may have increased lean mass slightly while taking it aswell.